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    Do You Still Ride When Sick?

    I have had a cold for a couple of days and feel achey and weak but I want to go for a ride but my wife says no. :(
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    Got Passed By A Fast Cyclist

    I usually ride my hybrid about 17-18 mph with bursts of 20-21 mph. Usually the only ones that pass me are guys on expensive road bikes and if I peddle hard I can stay with them for a mile or so. The other day I saw someone coming up on me fast while I was going about 20mph during one of my fast...
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    I Just Found A Great Tire For Bigger People.

    Hutchinson tires. I just bought the UrbanTour+ that is puncture proof. 700x32 is my size. It has very stiff sidewalls and has a max inflation of 94psi. Compared to my Kenda Kwick they have far less tire squat and roll very nice. I was sold a set of Serfas Touno tires last weekend and it fealt...
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    Anybody Ever Use Hutchison Tires?

    I bought one today and I am very happy with it.
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    Almost Got In A Fight On The Trail.

    Was riding on a local trail and came upon a guy walking his dog. He was in the left lane and dog in right lane. I slowed down and about 25 yards out I said passing on the left. He turned looked at me and started saying the F word a lot. Then said I was supposed to yield to him- I actually did...
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    Do You Over Inflate Your Tires?

    I have been running mine at max psi listed on the tire.
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    Ebay Rechargeable Headlights- Do They Work?

    I seen a few reviews on YouTube and they look good for the price. Anyone have real world experience here?
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    The Cycling Snobbery Is Really Turning Me Off About This Hobby.

    Wish I could find a place to ride where I was the only one. The rudeness of the cyclists I see in my area is bad. I stopped at a trail end yesterday for a rest and a few seconds later a woman in her riding outfit stopped about 30 feet from me and took a break also. I said hello and got no...
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    What's Up With All The People In Racing Suits And Expensive Bikes?

    I started riding bikes again after twenty years of a break. Now it seems like every other person has more money in their bike outfits than I do in my bike ($650 bike). On my Hybrid I fly by groups of these riders with ease- usually cruise around 18mph these days. Only have had a couple people...
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    Know Of Any Good Velcro Shoes To Use With Hybrid?

    Looking for something under $100
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    I Love My Hybrid! Glad I Did Not Get A Road Bike!

    Seems like every thread I read everyone try's to talk people out of getting a Hybrid and getting a road bike instead. I have to say mine is the best fit for me and I presume others too. I have extensive paved bike paths in my area. I hardly ever get on the road. I am 50 years old so speed is not...
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    Wanted To Show Off My New Schwinn Hybrid Super Sport 1

    I know this is technically not a road bike but I sure passed a lot of road bikes today. From what I read these bike shop Schwinns are made by Giant.
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    Reassurance I Am Getting The Right Size.

    Looking at buying a new hybrid. I am just under 6'1" inseam 33.5. Just need a little reassurance I am going with the same one. I have busted the local bike shops.