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  1. Hunter w/kg

    Announcing Wko4 For Mac!

    Announcing WKO4 for Mac! It’s hard to believe that we launched Version 1.1, 12 years ago. It has been an exciting road and have many of you to thank for helping all of the power community in advancing knowledge about training with a power meter. We have been working hard over the past...
  2. Hunter w/kg

    Announcing Wko4 For Mac!

    Announcing WKO4 for Mac! It’s hard to believe that we launched Version 1.1 right here on this list nearly 11 years ago. It has been an exciting road and have many of you to thank for helping all of the power community in advancing knowledge about training with a power meter. We have been...
  3. Hunter w/kg

    Dr. Coggan giving part 3 of "New Power-Duration Metrics" tonight! Free webinar....

    Tonight is the night when the powerful start to become more empowered. Tonight is the night when the scientific meets the practical. Tonight is the night you want to watch Dr. Andrew R. Coggan unveil the new Power-Duration metrics in WKO4 and start to give you insight in how these new metrics...
  4. Hunter w/kg

    Upcoming Power Based Training Seminars/Book Signings/Coaching Power Certifications.

    It's that time of the year! Time to up your level of education! Learn more about Power training and make your 2013 season great! Come to a book signing or seminar! Vancouver, Washington DC, Orlando, Coventry, England. More to come...
  5. Hunter w/kg

    Feedback Needed on possible Version 4 of WKO+ software!

    We are looking for feedback on what you’d want to see IF there was a new version of WKO. Please share your thoughts in this survey. Thanks !
  6. Hunter w/kg

    Hunter Allen in London on July 11th- Apple Store visits

    Hi All- I'll be in London at the Apple stores - 4pm start time Regent St and 7.00pm start time Covent Garden. I'll be talking about the new iBike Powerhouse product. It uses power tech to turn your iphone into a simple power meter. Pretty slick. Here's a video interview I did a while...
  7. Hunter w/kg

    Training and Racing with Power meter book in E-formats now!

    Good for even the 'old guy's. Comes with training plans that "I" wrote and that work. Don't worry, you won't have to do 900TSS days....or have rides that have an IF of .10.... Enjoy! Hunter Amazon Kindle:
  8. Hunter w/kg

    Stage 4 - Tour of California Power Analysis is uP- Ian Boswell's power Enjoy! Hunter
  9. Hunter w/kg

    Stage 2 and Stage 3 Tour of California Power files! Up and ready to be read and downloaded. Enjoy Hunter
  10. Hunter w/kg

    Stage 1 - Amgen Tour of California - Power File Analysis- Ian Boswell- Bontrager-Livestrong Team

    Here's Ian's power file and analysis. Talented young man and he'll do well! Hunter
  11. Hunter w/kg

    USA Pro Cycling Challenge- Colorado Power Data- Rory Sutherland Rocks the prologue!

    Check out Rory's file from the Prologue yesterday! I'll be at the finish each day downloading his data and uploading to you! If you are in the area, come...
  12. Hunter w/kg

    2011 USA Masters Nats Course review and tips power based webinar.

    I'll be doing a webinar on tips, strategies, course demands and power file analysis of the 2011 Awbrey Butte Road Race and Individual TT course. Great for athletes planning on attending and coaches of athletes attending. July 20- 8pm EDT, July 21- 7pm PDT, so two different times for folks on...
  13. Hunter w/kg

    Tour De France Power files!!!! Woo hooo!

    Data, Data, and more Data. For everyone out there, we hope you enjoy! It's inspiring for sure. Look for some exclusive posts in this forum later in the week that I will ONLY post here for your exclusive information. We will have Juan Antonio Flecha's files each day and fingers...
  14. Hunter w/kg

    Stage 4- RORY's FILE- 6.3w/kg!!! HOLEY MOLEY!!!

    This is what it takes to be one of the best in the world. And remember... Horner rode away from him easily to win the stage. Hunter
  15. Hunter w/kg


    UNREAL. Seriously. Look at the last 27 seconds of the race when he gapped the field and made it to the line. Talk about fatigue resistance! Probably best I have seen for Neuromuscular power...
  16. Hunter w/kg

    Tour of California Power files! Stage 2- Greg Henderson's successful Leadout!

    Very cool to be working with Team Sky and glad they use TrainingPeaks! We should have data each day from Amgen Tour of California. Enjoy! Hunter Allen Buy your Wattage based training plan...
  17. Hunter w/kg

    Spring Power training camps with Hunter Allen

    I have a few slots for the Blue Ridge Mts. Power camp in Virginia(April) still left. Durango is filled. Guaranteed 1000TSS and tons of power training analysis each day with myself and my coaches. Come join us and learn the power training secrets...
  18. Hunter w/kg

    Inza Performance Cycling Software

    So "John Rider"........ tell me about your software. Are you using our TrainingPeaks Device agent to download power meters and then put in your software? What is the fatigue analysis? Is that Joe Friel's Decoupling concept or my Fatigue profiling concept? Hunter Allen
  19. Hunter w/kg

    Coggan and Allen Book Signing on Friday Nov 19- Atlanta Ga area!

    This could be the only time the two of us get together at a book signing, so if you are in the area, we'd love to see you. We'll be at Roswell Bicycles 670 Houze Way, Roswell, GA 30076 Phone: 770-642-4057 This Friday evening(Nov. 19th) from 7-8:30pm. We'll...
  20. Hunter w/kg

    Pre-built Wattage focused Winter training plans- Now is the time

    Now is a great time to get a wattage based online training plan for the winter. Built on your wattage threshold, these plans will make a difference for you in 2011. Over 500 athletes have used these winter plans in the past 5 years and it has always been a pleasure to hear about all their...