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  1. nitrogenmustard

    felt tk2

    alright, this is a pretty technical question for any strapping young(or old) trackies out there. The felt tk2 frame is made from aluminum, right. did they reinforce the dropouts in any way to stop them from being ripped to shredds by the rear wheel, as did other track companies like fuji? any...
  2. nitrogenmustard

    vo2 testing

    does any body know if u can do a max vo2 test at home? if not, where would i go to get one? thanx -nitro
  3. nitrogenmustard

    9 footer

    im thinking aboot building a 9 foot giraffe uni. i think i should be able to use a bicycle bottom bracket/seat tube, and im guessing with the right steel i could flatten out the tubing at the bottom to form the dropouts. does anybody know if this will work, or have any other ideas to make the...
  4. nitrogenmustard

    campagnolo track hubs

    ok guys, i have a question for y'all: if i get campagnolo track wheels, as in, with campagnolo track hubs, will i have to get a new cog for the back made by campy, or can i use my existing standard type cog. AND...... :if i need a new cog, will i have to get a new chain/chainring set to work...
  5. nitrogenmustard

    resting heart rate

    hi everyone i just went to wal-mart a few days ago, and whilst i was waiting for my perscription i sat down at that heart rate/blood pressure thing that they have, and to my astonishmnt, my heart rate was 37bpm. that is way lower than most other people that i know, but is it lower than other...
  6. nitrogenmustard

    jan ullrich's aerobars

    whats the deal with the new style of aerobars (with the straight ahead type handlebars) . Are they faster? do they do anything to your power output? and oh yeah, Where can you buy them? thanx -nitro
  7. nitrogenmustard

    hours or miles?

    do you guys keep track of your training in hours or miles (kilos for some) -nitro
  8. nitrogenmustard

    pan am games

    does anybody know how a junior would go about qualifying for either the pursuit or kilo at the jr. pan am games next year? thanx -nitro
  9. nitrogenmustard


    does anybody know how close i should have the elbow pads on my aerobars? i've been riding them with my forearms touching and it's accually pretty comfortable. is this good or is it faster to have them wider.
  10. nitrogenmustard

    3k pursuit

    does anybody know what a good jr time in the 3k pursuit would be? thanx -nitro
  11. nitrogenmustard

    track wheels

    does anybody know where i can buy a set of campagnolo pista track wheels online (preferably in the us)? thanx -nitro
  12. nitrogenmustard

    early morning training

    i've recently been doing 30 min rides in the morning before school, and in turn waking up about an hour earlier. I do this in addition to my regular training(10-15 hours per week) I was wondering if this has any real (non psycological) benifits, or is it detrimental to my cycling? -nitro
  13. nitrogenmustard

    weight training

    i know the seasons just around the corner i'll be racing at least 2wice a week. is it ok to weight train up into the season, if so, how far through. My rides are usually between 1-2.5 hours, leaving plenty of time for lifting. Will lifting make me better or just put undue strain on my body?
  14. nitrogenmustard

    felt bikes

    does anybody know where i can find just the frame or the frame/fork combo of the new felt TK2 track bike, or does it have to be bought as a complete bike?:confused:
  15. nitrogenmustard

    kilometer times

    i was recently able to ride a 1:07:3 kilometer is this good? can i find out anybody else's time or is it one of those things that people don't say?
  16. nitrogenmustard

    untrue spinergy

    i'm looking at a spinergy x-aero wheel, it's slightly untrue vertically, and creates a slight pulsing when you ride it. I would intend to use it for track racing. Will this pulsing hinder my performance, If so, can it be fixed?
  17. nitrogenmustard

    dented frame

    i crashed my bike and put a nice little dent in the top tube. It's about 1inch in an elliptical shape, and about a half an inch in from where is should be. the top tube is straight as far as i can see. Is it still rideable, and if not is it fixable?
  18. nitrogenmustard

    rollers average

    what should my average speed be on rollers. I normally go around 25-29mph. is this good?
  19. nitrogenmustard

    time trial

    i've decided to turn my old road bike into a time trial bike. Whats the best way to do this?
  20. nitrogenmustard

    4k pursit

    is there any strategy in the pursuit-or do you accually just go as fast as you can?