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    I want to try road bike will this be good for me? because i am 5"5 ft and weighting around 230lbs

    the answer is a big YES it will be good for you cause it will help you get fit and healthy, when I started cycling I weighted 260 and now I'm 209 so just get you a good bike and ride hard dude, ride and ride like there is no tomorrow.
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    Ridley, Colnago, Bianchi or Wilier? wot you lot think?

    Finally in about 2 more months I'll be able to upgrade my current bike for a carbon frame one, being doing some research and narrowed it down to the brands I mention on the subject above, my buget will be no more than $3,400, I know it really comes down to which bike fits & feels better but...
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    any input on this bikes please Fuji sst 2.0, fuji altamira 2.0 or fuji grand fondo

    would really love to afford a Pinarello but will take me way too long to save for it so I was thinking about my next upgrade from my 2011 trek 2.1 to a CF Fuji, any honest advise will be greatly appreciated....
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    It would be nice if they did the same in the US..

    Hi all I was just wondering and was curious to find out how you lot feel about this or if you all even knew about it...I lived many years in Europe before moving to Texas and if there is one thing that bugs me is the lack of time they provide in shops here in America to buy a good quality bike...
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    Anyone in Little Elm, TX or near The Colony North Dallas Area..

    I'm new to the are and would like to meet up with recreational cyclist to ride with in this area.. Anyone in Little Elm, TX or near The Colony North Dallas Area..
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    need help, I got my wife hooked on cycling

    Hello everyone just need some opinions and or advise on this: I just started cycling last year and have really taken to it, I really do love everything cycling related, so much that it has rubbed on my wife as well and now I'm gonna buy her a road bike which she will ride everyday to commute to...
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    Have any of you ever heard of or delt with this site? just found them whilst surfing the net and they have some great cheap as dirt deals on clothes, just would like to know if they are legit before I go crazy ordering stuff from them...
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    which one is better, opinions please..

    I'm planning on buying some energy gel for when I go riding, I have seen them on just would like to know what most of you lot think of them, they got GU ENERGY GEL, and CLIF ONES..any input will be gladly appreciated.
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    having trouble finding good cycling jerseys, help please.

    Ok here it goes, I know for a fact I'm not the only in here or out there that its not in perfect skinny cyclist shape, I'm 40 years old 238 pounds 6'0" tall and I know I need to lose weight but that's exactly the reason I have started to do cycling after all this years of neglecting exercising...
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    winter storing of the bike if ya live in a flat

    How about keeping it in the storage room outside my balcony as we still live in a flat and my wife don't want me to leave the bike indoors cause if our son hits it with a toy or something I will get upset, should I worry about it getting rusty or not, I doesn't get wet in it so I think it should...
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    Helmets what a headache

    Need some help deciding on a good road helmet that won't brake my wallet, don't really want to spend more than $100 on it. Can you lot give me some feedback on any good places or websites to find good ones, I have been using my old mountain biking helmet but it just doesn't look right, any help...
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    can anyone help me with this question please..

    I know in other posts on here they have talked about what tool to carry in our bikes, but what I would like to know is what sort of bags are best to buy to go under the seat, brand or make and stores that sells them, I have seen a few on but after reading the reviews they seem to...
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    I miss Englands country side.

    I miss living and riding in England, used to live in high wycombe buckinghamshire, but had to make the desition to relocate to the US since jobs were getting hard to find in the UK, now I make in one week what I was getting in England in a month. With a newborn baby and s beautiful wife to take...
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    Just a quick hello and also new to cycling

    I'm new to road cycling, just bought my first ever bike trek 2.1 2011 at my LBS, I really like it, there is so many things to learn and I hope I will no matter how long it takes. The main reason I have to get into cycling is to lose weight and get into better shape, I'm 40 years old and don't...