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    Intro and buying advice for a casual cyclist

    Hello there, I'm new here and looking for buying advice. I'm a casual cyclist, cycling for 2-3 times a week, mostly getting myself a bit of cardio and R&R in the process. My old trustworthy Scott broke down, so here I am.
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    Please help ! $600 budjet for hybrid

    1st post . Looking to purchase I believe what is considered a hybrid . I'm considered a clydesdale at 6'3 250# and hoping to drop around 20# . I live near a nice paved 7 mile loop . I tried a road bike but just didn't stick with it . At 60years old I'm thinking more comfort might keep me in the...
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    Scott bikes too good to be true

    I got an add for and found some bikes 70% off. Usually if it is too good to be true then it is but has anyone heard or ordered from this site? How can the prices be so cheap?
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    Need bike recommendations for 15 year old son

    My first post here! Just wondered what folks would recommend -new or used bike for my 15 year old (16 in three weeks) and what brands to look at? I don't really want to spend $400 unless I really have to. His last bike was used and we got it for $100. He is 5'3 and a regular build. He'll be...
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    Do you prefer to buy new or used bikes?

    Do you prefer to buy new or used bikes? Do you think buying used bikes are worth it to save money? Or would you rather buy brand new and pay the full price to make sure that there are no issues with the bike you're buying? Would you recommend a beginner to buy used because he will use it for...
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    New bike, new saddle, sore butt!

    I bought a used Giant Cypress last summer to begin riding again. It has a Bontrager Commutergel saddle. I carried tools with me for about a month while riding and making adjustments. Finally I got everything set where I wanted it. The whole time on that bike while making those initial...
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    Daft question maybe?

    Quick bit of detail first. I'm 265, ish, 53 yes old, back to cycling for 2 months after 15 year break due to illness when I did almost Zero exercise.
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    Frame strength/flexibility

    I have a question about my bike. A twitter Blake MTB, I am trying hard to raise my natural cadence from the low 80's, But every time I get above 85RPM, approx., I start to get bounced out of the saddle by the bike. It kinda feels like riding a kids bouncy castle or a space ball, if you...
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    Being teased/bullied?

    I've mentioned this a bit before here on Cycling Forums, but I only just noticed this section of the forum recently, and thought maybe some people here might be able to offer encouragement or have gone through similar experiences. I'm sure it is like this everywhere, but where I live I've...
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    Pain, pain and more pain

    Hi, New member here but I have been going through some of this clydesdale forum, very good to see support for us bigger guys. As the title suggests, I am having a few problems with pain. :mad: Basically hand, sit bone and patella tendon pain and I would really appreciate some advice on...