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    Healthy diet

    Diet for me has always been a fitness killer. I love food and love cooking great meals with out having to think about calories or carbs. It wasn't until recently that I started paying attention to what I eat and when I eat. Many people think you only have to watch what you eat but the when is...
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    Greetings riders

    Hi Personablue - Welcome to the forum I am positive you will get along with everyone. I am from the US and have visited India last year, what a great country. Do you cycle in India?
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    Storage solution indoors?

    The best way to store a bike is on a wall or hanging from the ceiling. What I do is store my bikes under my house and when it comes to long term storage I hang them from the floor joists under the house.
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    Need to Gain Weight

    Weight Gainer supplements are a good path to embark on. They have everything you need less the additives. You can also control how much weight you put on so that you're not packing on an instant 10lbs which is not healthy. I'm sure a lot of people are telling you to eat more but that isn't...
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    New bike

    I agree with chrislee99777 and pwarbi, you really have to first define what your cycling needs are going to be. It helps to write this down and then search for brands. There are a lot of creditable consumer reports published about the best bikes and brands. My suggestion is to buy a less...
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    Still Own A Singlespeed?

    I love my single speed steel clunky bike. Funny thing, when I bought it the shop owner told me I was purchasing the tank of bikes. He gave me two free tune-ups and then said that I probably would never need them. For me, single speeds are the way to go because they are bullet proof and low...
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    Bike seats!

    I don't race bikes or cycle for fitness so I prefer a big plush seat with springs. In a past life I would BMX race and mountain bike which called for a more streamlined hard seat. Now that I am more of a beach cruiser, the bigger, heavier and more comfortable seat is the best for me.
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    Commuting In The Rain

    Up until two years ago I commuted by rail into NYC. During that time period I would commute from the train station to work via bike. I had this great little folding bike that was made of light weight aluminum so commuting with it was not a bare. If anyone has a similar commute then I strongly...
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    Protein Shakes

    When I go to the gym I take 25g of whey isolate protein with in 20 minutes of completing my workout. Then, before I go to bed I take another 25g of casein protein. The whey takes care of the immediate need for protein following a hard workout and the casein slowly releases into your body as...
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    Anyone Here Use Creatine?

    I've used creatine for a few years now. Currently I am on Animal Pump which is a pre-workout supplement with creatine in it. Most creatines rapidly bulk you up (like creatine mono-hydrate) but Animal Pump doesn't have that effect nor does it have nasty side affects. I would rate this...
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    Where do i purchase a new bike?

    If this is your first bike purchase in a long time then you first have to decide what you're going to use the bike for. 1. Mountain Biking 2. Beach Cruising 3. Cycling 4.BMX 5. All Purpose Once you decide the purpose of your bike then I suggest you go to a local mom and pop bike center and...
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    Beach cruiser bicycles

    You're right Beach Cruising is definitely for pleasure riding. I wouldn't suggest using a single speed bike in a metro area unless it's flat. I worked in NYC for numerous years and you will be out of place cruising down 6th ave on a beach cruiser, ha-ha. Corzhens, if you ever go on vacation...
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    Beach cruiser bicycles

    Are there any avid Beach Cruisers our there? This past summer my wife and I purchased 2 single speed beach cruisers and have never been happier. Our favorite thing to do is wake up before sun rise and cruise on out to a point which overlooks the ocean bay and watch the sun rise. Does anyone...