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  1. litespeedguy

    Campy Tapered Sealed BB Bearing Question

    The bearing , Chorus has been in there a few years now - recently while in the saddle & going up slight incline on small CR and maybe a couple down from the large on the rear cluster I get a sound that sounds like grinding coffee slowly with a manual grinder - it's not a metallic grinding sound...
  2. litespeedguy

    Shimano - 11/36 Mtn Cassette Road Compatible

    Just recently heard that Shimano has a mountain bike cassette that is compatible for a road bike and has a high end at 36 teeth - is this true ??
  3. litespeedguy

    Campy Comp Triple - Front Derailleur (FD) - Chainring Capacity Question

    Campy's tech specs for their Comp Triple FD mentions capacity 23 , max 53 , min 30 - that seems to indicate that a 24 or 28 tooth wouldn't work - not sure why but I recall seeing a discussion on this on another forum some years ago . Does anyone know if , in fact, a 24 tooth would be an issue...
  4. litespeedguy

    Double to Triple Conversion Question

    2003 Campy Chorus - 10sp(13-29) and 39/53 CRings - exploring conversion to a Campy triple with least amount of new parts - Campy has a description of their "Comp Triple" in their '14 catalogue and it mentions 10 speed kit, long cage RD, & specific FD. I'd also be interested in buying a...
  5. litespeedguy

    Campy - Compact vs Triple

    as I age I'm looking for more omph up hills - does Campy have a compact/rear cluster combo that is close to any of their triples - in both cases looking at the ratio of small CR teeth to large cog on rear cluster ? would like to get close to a "granny" gear with a double .
  6. litespeedguy

    Threading Question : BB Frame Cage & Campy Chorus BB

    Given that my frame was made in Tennessee I would assume English threading for the BB shell and that the shop where I got the bike would have ordered an English threaded Campy BB . my confusion is that some old notes that I have say to turn clockwise to loosen the drive side cup and...
  7. litespeedguy

    Attaching Rear Wheel

    removing the rear wheel (tube replacement) is no sweat but I struggle getting it back on - chain and rear derailleur get in the way - the chain btw is on a chainring and so there's also tension that I have to contend with - what occurred to me is if I started with the chain on the large rear...
  8. litespeedguy

    Presta vs Schraeder

    after recently snapping off the presta valve stem on my wife's hybrid I got to thinking - is there a good reason why tubes with presta are more favorable than schraeder ? my road bike came with presta and so I've replaced with presta as needed but never stopped to think if schraeder would be...
  9. litespeedguy

    Tip for Creaky Campy BB - Not Outboard/UltraTorque Design The first link above is to the Park Tool site - the 4th paragraph under "Installation of Cartridge...
  10. litespeedguy

    Innovations Ultraflate CO2 Pumps

    I have been using 12g cartridges & they work fine - specifically the bottom canister holder screws into the top trigger section completely - recently I tried 16g innovations cartridges , both threaded & non-threaded & couldn't screw the bottom section of the pump completely onto the top ...
  11. litespeedguy

    Macic Freehub Lube Question

    I recently watched a video by Rogue Mechanic on Mavic freehub lubrication; he recommends Pedro's Road Rage which contains mineral oil ; is this still sold ? and also does anyone know of an alternative lube ?
  12. litespeedguy

    Mail Order Buying

    through the years I've used Excel, Colorado, Performance, & Nashbar - are there others ? let me know your top choice - thanks
  13. litespeedguy

    Noise Under Load at 29/39 Campy

    get some chain,jockey,sprocket noise goin up slight incline in saddle at 29/39 ( 10s) - anybody have any thoughts - don't get it at 21/39 - is there too little tolerance between jockey,chain,& sprocket at the extreme 29/39 combo ? campy design flaw when they went to 10s cluster ? and now there's...
  14. litespeedguy

    Fluid Trainers

    I'm shopping for a fluid trainer - like the looks of CycleOps and Kurt Kinetic - both around $400 - I'd like to get opinions on these two or any others that might be comparable or better.
  15. litespeedguy

    Campy 11-Speed Sprocket Ramifications

    There's talk that Campy will be introducing an 11-speed sprocket cluster - for those of us with 10-speeds, does anyone know if this cluster will be compatible with existing freehubs (Mavic for example) , ergo power shifters (Campy), compact crank set (Campy) and Wippermann 10-speed chain ?
  16. litespeedguy

    Compact vs Triple - Adequate Replacement ?

    Compact cranks have been touted as providing a boost on hills for older riders over the standard double crankset - has anyone gone from a triple to compact and has the compact turned out to be an adequate replacement over the triple for various terrain changes ?
  17. litespeedguy

    Cable Barrel Adjuster

    While stretching and then anchoring a new derailleur cable should the barrel adjuster be set all the way in, all out, or somewhere in the middle ? or doesn't it matter where it's set at ?
  18. litespeedguy

    A GU Question

    I've used GU gel from the foil packages and to me it has the consistency of pudding - and so the question I have : isn't it difficult to get the GU into the plastic bottle that is sold to not only hold larger quantities of the GU but also is easier to use ? Is there a better alternative gel...
  19. litespeedguy

    Index Shifter Recommendation

    I've got a hybrid bike with Shimano index shifters ; going from small rear cog to larger requires considerable force and similarly from small to large chainring - as an upgrade can anyone recommend shifters that are designed so that shifting is quicker and easier ?? For example would the...
  20. litespeedguy

    Road to Tri Conversion - Seat Post Change

    I'm interested in getting a forward tilting (preferably Ti) seatpost to compensate for the change in positioning due to aero bars ; does anyone have a recommendation - I like Thomson posts but don't know if they make a forward tilt model ??