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    Mountain Bikers Are Destroying Colorado!

    This thread was started 11 years ago by a psychotic mountain biker hater. Please stop posting to this thread and simply let it fade away.
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    What's A Good All Purpose Moutain Bike?

    What kind of trails? Why do you prefer full suspension? How much do you want to spend?
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    You just won’t be capable

    Surely a preemptive spam post. A rare combination of complete jibberish, yet no misspelled words. I'm somewhat intrigued.
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    what kind of bike carrier do you like?

    Are you sure that's safe? I don't think you are considering the added torque of effectively adding a 6' hitch extension, because your tongue weight rating will be greatly reduced.
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    Please follow the rules of the road

    Why is it so hard to admit you acted aggressively by blaring the horn during the entire pass of the cyclists? You were ****** off because of the inconvenience, and the blaring horn allowed you to vent your anger. The fact that it may have warned (scared) the cyclists of your presence is...
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    Please follow the rules of the road

    You've changed your tune that the "horn blaring" was simply a goodwill gesture to let the cyclists know you were passing:
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    Can't find any good reviews of the 2 bikes that I want

    As is stated above, they are both reputable bike brands. Don't let a lack of reviews deter you from the bike you want most. That being said, maybe the type of terrain you plan on riding could help you decide. The Giant is more of a road bike hybrid, whereas the Jamis is more mountain bike...
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    Swapping suspension fork for rigid one

    You will need a "suspension corrected" rigid fork that is comparable in length (crown to axle) to your current fork.
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    Help me decide!

    All things being equal, why not pick the cheapest? As a price conscious fan of Italian bikes, I like the Wilier Izoard XP.
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    Long time roadie considering Mountain Biking

    Your questions can be better answered if you tell us what sort of mountain bike trails you plan on riding. A hardtail is faster and more responsive on smoother terrain, but full suspension is faster and more comfortable on rough terrain. A 26er accelerates faster and is more maneuverable...
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    Raleigh Record Ace

    That's a beautiful bike.
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    Brain Bucket

    I can't remember if this website has any testing data, but I've referenced it many times to expand my "brain bucket" knowledge: Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
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    New Rider- 2011 Specialized Secteur Triple OR 2011 Trek 1.2

    How you doin? On a more serious note, the Trek is better equipped with the Sora/Tiagra 9-speed components. I see the Trek comes with either a double (compact) or triple crankset - which one are you looking at? The triple will give you lower gearing if you plan on tackling steep/long climbs.
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    hybrid fitness bikes v.s. road bikes

    Especially ones with streamers....
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    hybrid fitness bikes v.s. road bikes

    That's a tough question to answer, but I've always used this formula: √144*(4*π)/(2+7.230334*.029)*.03 ≈ X mph
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    Just to expensive, quick question

    Awesome. What color handlebar streamers did it have? I had red ones on my BMX and got clocked at 32mph going uphill, in the snow, barefoot!
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    I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and reluctantly answered all of your questions. Seems my first instinct to ignore your dumb ass was more appropriate. Lesson learned.
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    Clipless pedals and shoes

    In handlebar terms, I liken it to the difference between simply placing your open hands on the handlebar vs actually gripping the bar with your fingers and thumbs. Or the difference between wearing slip-on style flip flop shoes vs. lace up shoes. Which scenario would you have more control...
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    Clipless pedals and shoes

    IMO, you will see a minimal increase in efficiency/speed, but you will have much more control over the bike. Also, you don't have to worry about foot position on the pedals, nor about your foot slipping off. As a beginner, however, you will probably suffer the dreaded slow speed fall when you...