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  1. fushman

    Pedal removal

    2 meters should be plenty of leverage, try sneaking up on it instead of just using brute force, in other words tap the end of the wrench, apply the force in burst or what have you
  2. fushman

    How do you handle aggresive chasing dogs?

    ur all a bunch of freakin hill billy redneck bumpkins so many dogs chasin you all the time worry about moving to civilization instead of how to better defend yourself
  3. fushman

    Almost Crapped My Pants -Ultegra 10 Spd-

    shimano shifters are more but campy rds are more evens out over the whole gruppo but sucks otherwise word life
  4. fushman

    What size tire are you riding?

    700 by 23 conti gp 3000s cant go wrong
  5. fushman

    can u justify the difference in the cost of Helmets?

    who needs to justify spending more if its your money whats the difference who needs say nice clothes a plastic bag will do if you wear it its worth the money
  6. fushman

    can u justify the difference in the cost of Helmets?

    i bet 189.99 i could id the helmets all positively based on styling. assuming the rented helmets are not as well taken care of they are less safe.
  7. fushman


    well that might be a lil much but one staple removed is no biggie
  8. fushman

    road bar width?

    go with what feels good uusally about the same as your shoulder width
  9. fushman

    Computers, Cadence ? No Cadence ?

    no cadance cheaper more simple and its not really important information
  10. fushman

    Do you have a bike computer?

    i have em on my bikes but if i were training seriously for something i prolly wouldnt, elapsed time used to drive me insane running and additionally speed avg speed etc would be that many times worse
  11. fushman

    Skinsuits -- Where to buy?

    you serious thats not much really all things considering
  12. fushman


    may as well get tubies
  13. fushman

    compact crank sprocket sizes

    that charts worthless its so obviously selective for fsas sake, why not a 11-23 wotj a tripple for eg
  14. fushman

    integrated vs conventional headsets

    ya this really was an integraded vs conventional threadless debate my bad about the threaded and undthreaded. anyways, it was said already that tehy are functionally thesame, but aside from that you dont really have much choice, if you pick frames depending on which type youre really limiting...
  15. fushman

    Crank Chain Guard

    go to walmart their bikes got em
  16. fushman


    it just comes from use from really knowing what each of one unit is one thing i still dont really know what a degree c is temps gotta be in f im sorry i need to travel mroe
  17. fushman


    tehy should learn tho its easy enough
  18. fushman

    Really Heavy Rider

    no worries get a mt bike maybe no suspension good wheels three x lacing is prolly safe, anyone else know exactly?
  19. fushman


    ya each tires prolly a lil diff it makes sense but its a lot faster to just use the preset sizes saves a min or two
  20. fushman

    integrated vs conventional headsets

    if its so definate why ask otheres opinion i prefer threadless cept maybe track bikes or old school frames