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  1. gruppo

    What kind of energy bar do you eat?

    Most of the energy products (gels, bars, drinks, etc) try to include a high percentage of complex carbs, but you would have to check the nutritional info (generally available on the web site) to be sure.
  2. gruppo

    What kind of energy bar do you eat?

    Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly. Many simple carbohydrates contain refined sugars and few essential vitamins and minerals. Examples include fruits, fruit juice, milk, yogurt, honey, molasses, maple syrup and sugar. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and are usually packed...
  3. gruppo

    What kind of energy bar do you eat?

    Anything with carbs, preferably complex carbs because they last longer. Sugar is good for quick energy but it doesn't last long and cause you to crash when the sugar is exhausted.
  4. gruppo

    Bicycle security

    It is just like anything else that is left unattended -- there is nothing you can do that is guaranteed stop theft. If you want a decent ride and want to know it won't get stolen, I would look into folding bikes. You can fold them up, put 'em in a case or bag (if you like) and take it just...
  5. gruppo

    Do you use a Power Meter

    Another poll without an "other" category! Yes, I use one, but it is not listed.
  6. gruppo

    forum searches

    Have you tried using the advanced search option? That allows you to restrict your search to specific forums and time frames.
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    Here is their web site:
  8. gruppo

    A Tough Decision....

    You left out a lot of important details, what does the Merlin have on it? I would assume that what you call a $6000 bike has either Dura-Ace or Record components. If so, that's about $1800 worth right there. That means you are getting everything else, including a Ti frame for $700. Sounds like...
  9. gruppo

    Ti advice please...

    A Vamoots with Dura-Ace group and Mavic Open Pro wheels.
  10. gruppo

    Ti advice please...

    You better try it for yourself. I am near 200, and have been riding Ti and find it an absolutely superior ride. If your gonna look at Ti, look at Moots!
  11. gruppo

    Books for older folk

    Age is just a number! All your friend has to do is eat sensible foods and enjoy the ride.
  12. gruppo

    Is a 400 gram wheel difference noticeable?

    Let me answer that with a question. When you ride, can you tell the difference when your water bottle is full or empty? It's about the same difference.
  13. gruppo

    sora sucks

    Well, I hate to tell you, but one bike with with limited miles on it doesn't really say much. I have two bikes with DA components. One has been flawless for almost a year, the other is less than 3 months old and has been been back to the shop 4 times for adjustment. What does that mean?
  14. gruppo

    Chris King's Head?

    Why would anyone pay $5000 (US) for a bicycle? Isn't it just two wheels held together by a metal triangle? You even have to power it yourself!
  15. gruppo

    Proper explanation of "Virtual Cadence"

    I have never used anything but the wireless model and have had no problems whatsoever. I don't see the need for a wired model unless you plan to ride in close proximity to other Flight Deck users where wireless interference might be a problem. And, to my knowledge, there are no other computers...
  16. gruppo

    Proper explanation of "Virtual Cadence"

    I think your LBS is way off base on this one! The only downside to the Flight Deck is cost and possibly virtual cadence (depending on how important those are to you), the advantages are good integration with gear readouts, and even more important, the mode switching buttons are built into the...
  17. gruppo

    Old Vs New!?!?

    The 2005 because of the fitting and the maintenance instruction.
  18. gruppo

    Proper explanation of "Virtual Cadence"

    Virtual cadence is a value computed by the Flight Deck based on the speed the bike is moving and the gear that bike is currently in. In other words it has nothing to do with how fast or if the pedals turning. If you are going downhill and coasting, the Flight Deck will show a cadence based on...
  19. gruppo

    Buying a bike, tri or road?

    I am not a triathlete, but I did see some conversions about this in the forum at, where many tri folks are now finding that road bikes have benefits over tri bikes in triathlon events.
  20. gruppo

    subtract head stem length = add top tube length?

    But didn't that change your leg angle, or was the change minimal?