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    It's killing me but..........

    Yes especially the huge slope from 100wts FTP to 150wts FTP :o in a period of 1 month :o
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    It's killing me but..........

    Hey you remember!! Im honored. Yes my back got well and I have to actively manage it now. Core workouts have become a staple in my workout regimen. I haven't had the opportunity to ride that much the entire time :o and I can produce several "excuses" why not :D However, I miss cycling and I...
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    It's killing me but..........

    Hey Tyson..don't know if you still remember me. But its funny how I jumped to your thread after visiting the site almost a year later. Have you joined the 300W FTP club yet? Hows RD? Did you kick that guys ass(one of the reasons you were training for :) almost a year back). I'll try to catch...
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    What Cat would I fall into?

    Although generally agreeing to what most people are saying so far, may I add my $0.02? Average speed can be deceptive. Even though a Cat5 race might average 20mph the sudden urges especially in such a small race(35miles) are so strong and frequent that it sometimes reaches 25-26 mph and quite...
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    It's killing me but..........

    Tyson, just curious. Do you ge to use the same bike in the gym for your power readouts?
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    V Shaped Power Profile

    So a simple rule i always follow in my mind(and correct me if I'm wrong RD) is... The higher you go....(L4 to L5 or L5 to L6...) the quickly you train/de-train.
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    First Race win -- thanks PowerTap!

    You never know Tyson! And in some cultures beating your coach is the biggest compliment to him! (no offense to the respectable RD :) )
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    Just got my PowerTap and "the book" and I'm psyched! you know how much he weighs? Power/weight ratio is the real indicator of how fast you are! :D
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    Criterium Motivation - Help

    I had the same thought Frenchyge. But it reminded me of a DVD I had seen a while back. "The hard road" was about the Netzero team had a couple of aussies(now no offense to aussies) that mentioned that many of the Euros and even the Aussies were amazed at the crit speeds here in the US. I think...
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    Criterium Motivation - Help

    Whenever you have discomfort or nervousness about doing something, take it one step at a time. If possible ride with a smaller group on a local ride where you can practive cornering. Rig up some "cornering sprints" in the group. Next find a RR that has some cornering. Practice a circuit with...
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    Need Sudden energy boost during race.

    Or a guy offering a free SRM in the front of the group if you beat him? :D
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    saddle angle

    Lower back pain? Saddle angle? If I had lower back pain I would think about other things first...umm like what? Like inflexible hamstrings?
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    Hip Flexor Trouble

    Geez!! Sciatica? And the LBS knows he has sciatica? I seriously doubt an LBS can see a bulging disc without an MRI!! :eek: Dude, he needs a new LBS. And the "bike is not right" advice is pure BS, unless... a. The...
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    Crank Size

    Then you've answered your own question. Just find the right size and buy it.
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    Crank Size

    I do not know how serious of a rider you are, but here's something to consider. Trackies use shorter cranks(shorter than their recommended size) because they use higher RPMs and need lesser force. The exact opposite of that is some people I know(a couple of pros) that use cranks longer than they...
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    Hip Flexor Trouble

    Or buy a titanium hip flexor :D for him on fathers day.
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    Crank Size or
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    Helmets Or find a dealer in your area... or buy it here...
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    The Specialized Decibel is the most compact helmet. How do I know? I am a small guy with a small head and used to look like an alien with all the other helmets I have used. I spent a lot of time looking for a compact helmet that doesnt fall into the Euro elite category and is still pretty...
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    left leg is not growing

    I second this and also hate people who make fun of such situations. The guy clearly is freaking out. Go see a doctor dude, such serious issues are not good left alone. A quick visit will give you peace of mind. The forum is good for advice but not the ultimate place for professional help with...