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  1. Mr. Beanz


    Glad you refreshed my memory on the knees to top tube thing. I have descended Mt Baldy several times. That is one road you don't want to have the wobbles. Never happened to me but always good to get a refresher. The dh section before the tunnels is pretty darn scary even on a steady run.
  2. Mr. Beanz

    Did You Ride Today?

    40 miles on one trail for my Saturday and 22 on Sunday for my Sunday miles.
  3. Mr. Beanz

    Rear disc wheel

    500 ft over 12 miles is hardly any climbing at all. I wouldn't think choosing either wheel would make a difference. If you think so, maybe you'd be better off working on your climbing.
  4. Mr. Beanz

    1999 Cannondale R2000

    $300........I still ride my 1998 Cad3. Freaking awesome bike. I've replaced my ultegra with Dura Ace and built my own wheels. I have to say my Cannondale looks much nicer but I'd be lucky to get 500 for it. Wouldn't be in my best interest to sell it as it's worth much more to me. But again...
  5. Mr. Beanz

    Big Fish Story Guy at Work

    So I started a new job way cool. I ran into a guy who started talking bikes. Old MTB but yet likes to ride. I can respect that. We had a good chat. Turns out I'm a little more involved than he is. But he brings up a friend in another department who talks bikes really often. So he...
  6. Mr. Beanz

    Mr. b., a sart facebook post for you

    So you copy and paste my comments to make it look like you're posting when in fact you're here to promote spam.
  7. Mr. Beanz

    Posterior comfort

  8. Mr. Beanz

    does Ride-A-Lot have woman boobies?

    I actually like it a little jiggle myself. Those fake boobies are too stiff.
  9. Mr. Beanz

    torrent sites

    I've used Torrent. They suck!
  10. Mr. Beanz

    Posterior comfort

    Under wire? You wearing a man bra? : D
  11. Mr. Beanz

    What was the last thing you've bought for your bike?

    Today a bag of 30 packets of Liquid IV electrolytes. Does that count?
  12. Mr. Beanz

    Did You Ride Today?

    Ah yes, love these bike trails. This one is 76 miles round trip and the other I ride is 60 round trip. No cars so it's great. Yup, got 3 helmets I rotate depending on which ride I do or how I feel. Never can have too many helmets.
  13. Mr. Beanz

    What was the last thing you've bought for your bike?

    A Rock Bros headlight for about $35. Heard on a forum that they work well for the money. Outlasted my 100 dollar light but very slightly not as bright. Good trade off though.
  14. Mr. Beanz

    Did You Ride Today?

    35 solo miles today. Finally a cool day without having to ride in 90 plus Temps.
  15. Mr. Beanz

    Mr. b., a sart facebook post for you

    You say that till they steal your low cost hot rod. Seriously, when they cleaned up the mess, they found an underground cave by Anaheim Stadium with couple hundred bikes. Many low cost hot rods.
  16. Mr. Beanz

    presta schrader

    Oem tubes? Buy new ones, use the adapter and be sure not to bend over the Presta core while installing the adapter. Never had air loss problems in mentioned fashion.
  17. Mr. Beanz

    My low-dollar hot-rod

    My wife has a 1984 Bianchi we bought for 40 bucks back in 1998. Was thrashed but we replaced a few parts, new wheels, shifter brake levers. Polished it up and ran great for several years till she got a full carbon bike in 2006. She says the steel lugged Bianchi is a better ride.. She also...
  18. Mr. Beanz

    Did You Ride Today?

    Message sent to personal inbox.
  19. Mr. Beanz

    1000 miles on Huffy road bike this year so far....

    Nice. I was wondering if it was an organized event. Sounds like fun.