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  1. Powerful Pete jersey????

    Great, spam is back... :mad:
  2. Powerful Pete

    Some italian amateur races videos...

    Molto belli, complimenti...
  3. Powerful Pete

    How many lumens is enough?

    Fair enough on the lupines, but you are talking about stuff in the 800+ Euro range if I am not mistaken... :eek:
  4. Powerful Pete

    This Forum is not dying

    I voted also. Very interesting website.
  5. Powerful Pete

    Japan Cup 2008 10/25-26

    Japanic, is there a lot of money in the Japan Cup? Always seems to be 'serious' racing, which is interesting so late in the year. Also, impressive ride by Basso. He came out and made it very clear in interviews here in Italy that he was overjoyed to have been able to ride with the brand new...
  6. Powerful Pete

    McQuaid against retesting

    Hhhhmmmm. Touchè.
  7. Powerful Pete

    Flandis signed up for return

    That is a really weird name... really curious to see their jerseys. Wonder if they will have the rock racing guys design it for them... :)
  8. Powerful Pete

    2009 Tour de France route

    Bump again... :)
  9. Powerful Pete

    How many lumens is enough?

    So vio765 what have you decided?
  10. Powerful Pete

    How many lumens is enough?

    Do some internet research, as with megapixels in cameras, it is not only about the lumens. The pattern of light, the power vs. autonomy provided by your battery, weight and positioning of the setup all come into the equation. Honestly, for the riding you are talking about I wonder whether you...
  11. Powerful Pete

    Would you ever bandit ride?

    I would not and have never done such a thing. Come on guys, it is stealing... if you are ticked off about the service and/or price of ride, simply do not participate. Download the ride sheet and ride it the day before or the day after the ride. It is that simple...
  12. Powerful Pete

    Raul Alcala coming back. No joke.

    LOL, the silliness. Hey, is Bauer still a persona non grata in Belgium? Where is Criquelion, by the way...
  13. Powerful Pete

    Piepoli tests positive from the tour...

    Isn't that how they nailed Sella?
  14. Powerful Pete

    Schumacher positive

    As others have said, I am waiting for them to nail Voigt and Cancellara. Skipping the worlds and riding with climbers in the Tour. Almost looks like Hincapie winning mountain stages at the TdF...
  15. Powerful Pete

    Cold Weather

    I am a full shoe covers kind guy. Never really understood the toe cover thingie. Consider lobster gloves for your hands and the chemical heat packs for your feet if you ride long distance in cold weather also.
  16. Powerful Pete

    Schleck looking bad

    Again, you are correct. What a sham.
  17. Powerful Pete

    Schleck looking bad

    Well, he is now officially suspended by Riis pending the decision of the Luxembourg cycling federation...
  18. Powerful Pete

    return of the Vino...

    Power struggle? With the checkbook the Kazakhs have and the ever diminishing sponsors in pro cycling? I think everyone would settle in nicely, thank you, and do what they are told, with the exception of one or two stars a la Contador, who can get good contracts with other teams.
  19. Powerful Pete

    return of the Vino...

    LOL, at least we will no longer have to have threads debating doping in pro cycling at that point. :D
  20. Powerful Pete

    Schleck looking bad

    Unfortunately I believe you are right. He will get away with a very minimal slap on the wrist. This would really tick me off if I were Basso...