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  1. vio765

    How many lumens is enough?

    I am just curious about how much light is appropriate for riding on open country roads that are flat where objects (such as buildings, outdoor floodlights, etc) can be seen for miles. Think: Kansas when there are no crops blocking any viewing. I am looking at Exposure's new Maxx D (the big...
  2. vio765

    washing out embrocations in clothing

    I use Quoleum Medium embrocation now and again, sometimes under knee warmers. I am worried about it damaging the fabric over time. Does anyone know of detergents or other things that are designed to remove the embrocation from cycling clothing?
  3. vio765

    Lame Interbike?

    I remember last Interbike by having all the cool online sites (pez, velonews, bikeradar, etc) plastering pic after pic of awsome new stuff. I remember being "wowed" by nearly every picture. but this year is totally different! i have only been "wowed" a couple of times and worse yet, where are...
  4. vio765

    Ultimate Justce for cyclists!

    i think i found a way for us cyclist to "get back" at bad drivers. it all starts with some driver doing something that threatens our safety. i will use the example of being "buzzed" since that is the most likely violation for us on open roads. first, get a "bullet-cam" that records video at a...
  5. vio765

    Q-Rings and Vumaquad

    Will Rotor's Q-Rings fit Zipp's Vumaquad crank? My theory is "no" because the crank has four spider arms and the Q-Rings seems to be designed for five-spidered cranks. Am I worng/right? Has anyone heard anything about this compatability issue?
  6. vio765

    Full Ceramics

    Ok, some of you know i am really big into the future of cermic bearings, dimpled goodies, etc. I present to you this question: full ceramics are entering the market. what is you opinion of this technology? we all know these bearing are super expensive, so keep that factor out of your...
  7. vio765

    Homemade Dimples

    i think it would be a cool idea for bike makers to start making dimpled frames. not just frames, but "dimpling" anything that can be dimpled. if companies wont do it because there is no real benefit, then fine. but if there is, i thought of a way to beat them to the punch. get some good tape...
  8. vio765

    Training Start time

    For those of you who follow (more or less) Friel's periodization model, when do you typically start Base 1? I was thinking i would have three Bases (i.e.- Base 1, Base 2, Base 3) and three Build's (i.e.- Build 1, Build 2, Build 3). Each Build/Base period is 4 weeks long. My goal event is a TT...
  9. vio765

    Blue and Red Blinkies

    imi not the first to have tried this, but what about using blinking blue and red LED lights on the rear of a bike in order to fool drivers into thinking they are approaching an emergency vehicle. this sounds illegal to me here in indiana. any thoughts? break the law to add a huge layer of...
  10. vio765

    hell of using powercranks on an indoor trainer

    it was very windy today. wind doesnt usually bother me, but i wont ride if the wind is blowing so hard that it is dangerous to ride. it was the kind of wind that blows 10mph and then gusts to 30 mph and stays there for several seconds. then its back down to 10mph. i was forced to use the...
  11. vio765


    enough doping! i know pros read these posts. we all love to hear our names spoken by outsiders. so here is my vow: if contador, leipheimer, Dave Z, big Maggie, robbie, freddy, danielson, or any other "heavy hitter" (not some european rider no one has heard of) is going to let...
  12. vio765

    Normal blood pressure?

    i took my blood pressure the other night and it has sparked my curiousity. it was 110/69 with heart rate 55. this was done after not eating anything for 3 hours, not training for 6 hours, and after i had been sitting in my chair for about 60 minutes. im 28 years old, male, no genetic history...
  13. vio765

    300 Watts FTP will get me....

    imagine a flat out and back TT course. assuming full aero setup (zipp 909, Giro advantage helmet, skinsuit, Leader TT frame, aerobar, aero seatpost), what kind of times could a rider expect while producing 300 watts for a 40k TT? rider is 65 pounds and naturally very aero. weather is no wind...
  14. vio765

    15 Watts per Year?

    is raising my FTP by 15 watts per year a reasonable goal? i know there are several factors to play in this (such as genetics, recovery and training methods), but is this goal reasonable? of course, the body is not linear when it comes to improvement. for example, one year i increase my FTP by...
  15. vio765

    merging altitude file into powertap file

    ive been using the powertap and cycling peaks software for several months now and i love it. i recently got a foreunner 205 and have already downloaded a file into cycling peaks. on that same ride, i have two files in the Calender Tab in CP WKO+. one is from my PT and the other from the...
  16. vio765

    Power to break 1hour

    i live in a flat part of central indiana and im set on breaking the 40K hour. our local TT course is a dead flat out-and-back. for those of you who know (i.e. from a power meter), how much power did it take you to break the hour?
  17. vio765

    where to buy a pre-1950s race bike

    im looking at buying an antique race bike from the 50s or earlier. anyplace ring a bell? let me know.
  18. vio765

    Homemade Gel and Bacteria

    Im working on making my own energy gel this season. I am not 100% with the recipe yet, but im pretty close. My recipe calls for a 4:1 ratio of CHO and PRO. I am interested in making batches ranging from 16-32oz. This amount will last me a couple of months. But the question is will if I...
  19. vio765

    creatine and stiff muscles

    Is there any relationship between creatine use and stiffer muscles. i used to be limber, and ever since loading and maintaining creatine, i can feel more stiffness throughout my normal stretching routine. my educated guess is that the extra water that may be associated with creatine use may be...
  20. vio765

    Why do you ride?

    Tell me your story about why you ride. What is your purpose?