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  1. Cycler6n

    dogs that chase us

    anyone else get chased often? i get chased all the time, and not by small dogs, its always a rotweiler or something. once there were trees on both sides of the road, and lots of them. all of a sudden, heard a young girl screach "no, get back here!" and then i heard running and looked back and...
  2. Cycler6n

    tire question

    theres an elevated area in my tire, when i spin it, i notice the tire isn't "level" all the way through. its not worn, i don't think, and the rim isn't bent, what could it be? i let the air out, and refilled it, and its still there, is it worn out? could it have been from hitting a pothole?
  3. Cycler6n

    i need a new chain

    mine's good and worn, it'll sometimes pop out of gear when i romp on it, or clack around when i shift. I had it checked out, its just worn, nothin else wrong. What are some chains you guys had that were good? anything i should look out for while riding before i get the new one put on(as im still...
  4. Cycler6n

    so who do you think is going to win the tour??

    i was talking about it with some guys i was out riding with, they all had different opinions. i have no clue who is going to. What do you guys think?
  5. Cycler6n

    so i tried energy gel

    i bought some of that energy gel, tried it out on a ride. It helped a little, but nothing great. It wasn't really a long or tuff ride, so i can't really judge it. Has anyone else had any experience with it? How'd it work?
  6. Cycler6n

    So i feel like an idiot

    So i was out riding, and i upshifted my chainring and held it down to long, and my chain fell off, it scratched my crank a little bit, but not bad, but i got chaingrease on my hands, which got on my shift levers, i washed it off (the levers), but will it leave anything on it that will...
  7. Cycler6n

    seat bags

    i'm looking for a good seat bag, anyone know of any goods ones? I looked em up, found some nice ones, but would like to hear other peoples opinions on em. also, anyone know of good multi tools that are light/small to fit in a seat bag?
  8. Cycler6n

    anyone else get this popup?

    Every single time I come on to the forum, I get this go211 .com website popup, that sometimes freezes my comp, what is this site, and does anyone else get it?
  9. Cycler6n

    Things to do on your trainer

    When i'm on my indoor trainer, I get bored stupid. So what are some ways you guys keep entertained on your trainers? I normally watch movies, listen to music or read something.
  10. Cycler6n

    some weird stuff on my bike

    i was lookin at my bike as it was on its trainer, just looking it over makin sure everything was okay on it, and noticed this hard like material that was collecting in certain spots on it, I tried rubbing it off, but it didn't come off, so i used my shirt and wiped it off. now i don't know what...
  11. Cycler6n

    riding position

    What do you recomend for riding position? I've heard to ride where I'm comfterble at from some, then from others I've heard very exact ways to sit. what should I do?
  12. Cycler6n

    what do you guys wash your bib shorts with

    I've tried a few soaps, but what do you recamend to use? :confused:
  13. Cycler6n

    training mat

    anyone know of any good moderatly priced training mats to put my trainer on to help with the sound?
  14. Cycler6n

    what veg. do you guys eat to keep in shape?

    I've been drinking a can of v8 juice and eating a handful of spinach a day. what other veg. would you guys recamend?
  15. Cycler6n

    can a carbon frame take this?

    I've been training, and i have a training dvd, I was watching it to get tips, and I saw them sprinting, they were pushing their bikes really hard. I saw their frames "swaying" (not sure of correct term) left to right as they were sprinting on a carbon bike on a trainer, and my question is, could...
  16. Cycler6n

    computor help

    hey, kind of off topic and i apologize, but my comp was on for a few hours, and the average temp was 132 degrees f :eek: could this have permanant damage on my comp?
  17. Cycler6n

    getting back on after months off

    I couldn't ride on the road for months due to work and school taking up my time, so I finally got some time, so I got a trainer, yet every time i get on, I get tired so quick. Like really quick, I'm tired. Is there a good training site? Got any tips for starting out again? How long/many miles...
  18. Cycler6n

    Computer question

    I just ordered a cateye astrale 8, i have to use zip ties to put it on, I have a carbon bike and I'm curious will the zip tie scratch the paint and carbon? Will it harm my bike at all (the zip ties)?
  19. Cycler6n

    does anyone have a kurt kinetic trainer?

    I just got one, are they any fallbacks on it?
  20. Cycler6n

    Good cycling eye protection

    I heard of some guys using safty glasses, but not sure if to get good pair of those or name brand cycling glasses. Your opinion?