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  1. mikael17128

    Taller head tube or reversed stem, which is safer?

    I want more comfort for longer rides so I reversed my stem to the upside. This strikes me as something that will make the bike less stable / manuverable. My question is whether there is any material difference between reversing the stem (as I have done) and buying a new frame that has a taller...
  2. mikael17128

    Looking for a decent triple crankset

    Hi, I am looking for a 53/44/30 or there abouts. The middle ring (44) is the most important factor for me as I won't have to shift out of it very often. Most of the cranks I see are the same old 53/39/30 or maybe the occasional 53/42/30. Anybody know of any decent triples with a 44 (or...
  3. mikael17128

    Knee pain --- To spin or not to spin, that is the question!

    Before I began serious longer distance cycling my left knee had just the hint of a smidgen of pain every now and again. When I started 40+ mile rides, I wore a knee brace and then, 6 months later, the tiny pain had disappeared both while riding and not riding. Over the next 2 years, I found...
  4. mikael17128

    Setback seatpost or longer stem?

    I just got a new bike and find that I prefer bars with 135mm or less drop. It allows me to have a comfortable shifter grip and still be able to brake well when in the drops. I have always ridden on a zero offset seatpost and don't want to increase the stem length because I hear bikes can get...
  5. mikael17128

    Training advice for SPINNING / 20 minutes/day

    I’m a 38 year old male with a max HR of 181. I’d like to try my hand at racing (Masters 35+) this year and have started using a spinning machine for a new 20-minute training regimen: 0 to 5:00 @ 250W 5:00 to 7:30 @ 275W 7:31 to 10:00 @ 300W 10:01 to 12:30 @ 325W 12:31 to 15:00 @ 350W (HR...
  6. mikael17128

    Can repeatedly changing a cassette cause damage?

    I have been changing my cassette out at least once (sometimes twice a week) depending on the ride. I have not, as of yet, noticed any adverse effects from this. Has anyone had any experience with this damaging their cassettes? MRW
  7. mikael17128

    BMC SLC01 Pro Machine w/ Easton CNT-Nanotechnology

    Check out this article. Anyone know any more about carbon nanotube technology than what's stated in the article? I wonder how much this bird's going to cost! Time to trade in our outdated carbon fiber bikes? Another thought, I own a BMC...
  8. mikael17128

    Fast on the hills but slow on the flats

    Here's one you don't hear that often. I am fast on the hills and slow on the flats. This is, of course, relatively speaking as I'm still pretty quick on the flats, just not as fast as some of the people whom I regularly (quite easily) pass on the hills. I train 75% of the time in the mountains...
  9. mikael17128

    Shimano Dura Ace WH-7800 rim weight?

    Anybody out there know the exact rim weight for the 2005 Shimano Dura Ace Wh-7800 rims? As near as I can figure they weight around 500 grams. Thanks.
  10. mikael17128

    Aluminum frame fatigue / failure

    I will try to be exact as possible here when I explain the symptoms. I have a 2001 Specialized M4 aluminum alloy frame road-racing bicycle. I have put 5000 miles on it since buying it used 7 months ago. I don’t know how many miles were put on it prior to my ownership. I have noticed two things...
  11. mikael17128

    Shimano Compact 50/36?

    Just checking over the Trek website and it looks like the Madone SL 5.9 has options for either a Shimano Dura-Ace 53/39 or 50/36. Anyone know anything about this? Mike W.
  12. mikael17128

    Trouble shofting under power to big chain ring with FSA 50/34 compact

    Anybody else have this problem? If the mech @ the shop can't figure this out I'm going to swap back in my reliable Dura Ace 53/39 and go with a 25/12 cassette. PS, if you can get this thing to work for you with your set up the gearing is wonderful for the mountains. Mike W.
  13. mikael17128

    Knee Trouble (may be chondromalacia)

    I don't have a psysician's definitive diagnosis but do have what I think may be choldromalacia. I've had on-and-off-again ever so slight pain for the better part of a year after I put a bit too much weight on the Leg Extension machine at the gym. I have started doing leg raises (x200 per day) to...