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    UK Smoothie petition

    Hi people, Not sure if theres a previous thread on this, but if there is, another one wont hurt, just help the petition. Innocent Smoothies are petitioning to get the VAT cut on smootheis and fruit juice to encourage more of us to have our 5 a day (and this means cheaper bits that are good...
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    Could you bike 400 miles?

    Hi, Haven't posted on here for a long while, but I thought I'd come back and say Hello. Now to the point.. A few of you may remember a thread I made last year stating that I want to train up to cycle the width of britain (wales shore to great yarmouth over 4 days). Now I kind of figure...
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    electronic body toners

    Just wondering.. has anyone tried using electronic toners on their legs to aid in cycling? (the little patches you stick to you that keep electricuting ya lol). I am fully aware that they wont make me "stronger" as such, but what benefits would there be of doing this? I am also aware that i...
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    700 x 28C inner on a 700 x 25C wheel

    will a 700 x 28 - 35C inner fit a 700 x 25C wheel? Bought the wrong innertube by accident, but need bike for work in the morning :\ What will happen if i use this tube?
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    carbon wheels

    Hi, i saw some nice looking carbon wheels (im sure they were carbon) - they were about £100 and have as little as 6 - 10 spokes (it was a good while since i saw it through so im not positive). Question is - my current wheel is the standard wheel for the dawes gyro 400 bike (metal spokes and...
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    im starting to wonder

    Is this forum just not very popular or do we have a serious lack of cyclists out there? Radio controlled helicopter forum i go on has about like 1000 posts a day lol. I come on here and its rarely a new subject is posted on here, or sometimes even a reply???? Whats going on0 It also...
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    Mtb Psi

    quick question - servicing my friends bike tomorrow, but i'm not sure what PSI his tyres should be? What PSI is ideal for a mountain bike? I know my racing bike is 110 PSI but if i remember right, the 2 are different. Thanks for whoever replies first!
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    exploded inner tube??

    Hi, Want your guys views here - yesterday i did some maintinence on my bike. Part of that maintinence meant patching a puncture and re pumping my tyres. No problem right? The tyre says to pump them upto 110 PSI, so i proceeded to do so, but by the time i got to 90 PSI i was knackered and was...
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    Battling punctures

    Yet another thread from me lol.. Ok so wehn i got my racing bike, i have found that every few weeks i end up getting a puncture.. what a bummer, maybe its just a co-incidence, but i kept getting them. So i bought some new tyres with a kevlar strip in them, and belive it or not, it reduced them...
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    advice for first strip down of a bike

    Hi, Considering totally stripping my bike down and rebuilding on friday (my day off) as it is starting to get loverly and dirty, and black thick oil everywhere (you get the general idea.) Question is, can you give me any advice for doing a strip down on a bike? I know i olbviously need to...
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    back pains

    Hi, Im a newbie to long distance cycling (did my 2nd 34 miler about 4 days back) - but when i got back from this journey i found that 1 - a few small electric shocks in my legs / feet (i.e. trapped nerve?) 2 - i've suffered from mild back pains last few days Now im guessing the source of...
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    cycling computers

    Hi, Well after recently buying (and destroying) a Topeak Comp140 (dont ask lol!), i have since started reading an endurance book, and it suggests to get a speedo that also monitors your heart rate. Question is what would you suggest to be a decent cycling computer? I dont mind spending out...
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    speedo problems.. help!!

    Hi, I bought a speedo today, and fitted it to my bike. got 1 thing slightly wrong, so i went to cut the plastic cable tie, and you guesses it... i cut thruogh one of the wires. Lucikly i only cut one, the back one (cadence monitor) still works, but the front one doesnt want to know me. I...
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    am i mad?

    Hi, Ive been biking work (3 miles, 5 days a week) for bout 2 years now, got a resting heart rate of 75 (if that makes any difference) but next summer im planning on biking 300 miles (the width of britain) for charity, over about 2 1/2 days... am i crazy? If im not crazy what advice can you...
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    coalville (leicester) cycling club?

    Hi, someone told me theres a cycling club in coalville (nr leicester) UK. Anyone here in the club or know someone who i could contact?