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  1. jimmer23

    Good wheel builder in NYC??

    Does anyone know a good one? I'm putting together some Corimas and want someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks.
  2. jimmer23

    Using SRAM PowerLink with a Shimano chain???

    Has anyone tried this? My LBS didn't have anymore of the Wipperman conneX links that I usually use, so I picked these up. Seems to be ok, but didn't lock as tight as I'm accustomed to. Using on a 9 speed Dura Ace chain. Any thoughts?
  3. jimmer23

    Heras Suspended Can't believe this hasn't been talked to death yet... First Edition Cycling News for November 8, 2005 Edited by John Stevenson & Les Clarke Heras suspended Spanish rider Roberto Heras, four-time winner of the Vuelta a...
  4. jimmer23

    Problems removing crank (OctaLink)

    Ok, this is a dumb question. I'm having some major issues removing my Dura Ace crank. Sure, it went on with no problems, but now it's 3 years later and I'm getting ready to put a new one on and I can't get the damn thing off. Any suggestions besides pounding the **** out of it? I remember old...
  5. jimmer23

    Pinarello stickers

    Dumb question. Does anyone know where I can get some Pinarello stickers? That's it, thanks.
  6. jimmer23

    Recent experience with CarbonLord??

    Ok, these cranks look great, are relatively light at 525g, and are definitely the right price ( Aside from a few early design issues as noted at CampyOnly, I haven't found there to be a problem with them. It looks like they're made by GiGantex in Taiwan, and look an...
  7. jimmer23

    Baffled by weight of Pinarello Prince / Weight of other bikes

    Ok, call me crazy, but with all the talk during the TDF about minimum UCI weight requirements and additional weights being stuck on some bikes, etc etc - I finally decided to weigh my own and was kinda shocked at what I found. Here's the rundown: 2003 Pinarello Prince 58 cm Pinarello Carbon...