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  1. mark444

    Mashing sound when pedaling

    I have recently heard a sound coming from my bike that only happens when I pedal. I have a Trek 1000 with about 3,000 miles on it. I have Look Keo pedals which are about the same age as the bike. The sound only happens when I am pushing the cranks. Could my bottom bracket need service...
  2. mark444

    Replacing Wheel Spoke Sensor

    My friend bought a Trek bike from a shop on eBay. He recieved the bike with the wheel spoke sensor missing for the Trek Incite 9i computer. Does anyone have any ideas on where to find a replacement? Will a Cateye sensor work? The bike shop said they would send him a new one but that didn't...
  3. mark444

    Service Interval for Wheel Bearings

    I ride between 1,500 and 2,500 miles a year in mostly dry conditions, including winters. How often should I check the wheel bearings...or should I say is there any thinking on a service interval for their replacement? These are Trek Select wheels. Thanks. Mark
  4. mark444

    Saddles for Big Guys

    I am 6'6", 230lbs, so a tall/big but active rider. I have a Trek 1000 with a padded racing style saddle. I would have thought I'd need a new saddle before now but this one has done a good job on rides as long as 100K. The saddle is staring to get loose so I'm thinking an upgrade is in order...
  5. mark444

    Does 25.4 stem work on 26.0 handlebars

    I'm looking for a new stem to go on my Trek road bike. The specs say that the bars are 26.0mm. The stem I am looking at has a 25.4mm clamp. Are these compatible? My gut says 25.4mm is for mountain bikes and might not be able to use on my road bike. Thanks. Mark:confused:
  6. mark444

    Bontrager Wheel Failure - Replacement Options

    My Bontrager Select rear wheel has developed a crack in the rim. The crack is around one of the spokes and looks like a very strong force has started to pull the spoke out of the rim causing the failure. I am going to call the bike shop this morning to see if this is covered under warranty...
  7. mark444

    Cateye Wireless Bugging Out

    All of a sudden my Cateye wireless bike computer is having a hard time reading the sensor. I've had problems with lost readings in the past due to the sensitivity of the wheel and fork sensors caused by there being too much distance between them...but after a quick adjustment it usually started...
  8. mark444

    Wide Sized Road Shoes

    I am trying to fit my 16 year old son with a pair of road shoes. He's got a wide foot and most vendors don't produce a wide model. I know the SIDI brand has Mega widths. Do any other companies offer a wide shoe (US 4E?) at a resonable cost? In the $80-100USD price range? Thanks very much...
  9. mark444

    Shimano Chain Compatibility with SRAM

    :rolleyes: I'm shopping for a replacement chain for my Shimano 105 9-speed. I've never replaced a Shimano chain and read that it is different from other chain..but that is not my question. I saw on ebay that SRAM sells a replacement chain that is "compatible" with Shimano but requires no...
  10. mark444

    Pedaling in Circles

    :rolleyes: For the last two years I've been getting back into the activity. Some of the books I'm reading talk about "pedaling in circles." This concept seemed to be big 10 years ago...but I've recently heard that it is a more a myth now. What is the current thinking? Thanks Mark
  11. mark444

    Hybrid Handlebar Stems

    I have been looking for a new stem and I'm seeing some products that are a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum. I presume the aluminum is there to make the stem stronger under some kinds of stresses. I've never had a carbon fiber stem...can anyone tell me if they can be unsafe, or break...
  12. mark444

    Handlebar Diameter

    When I visit bike shops I see many bikes with the larger 32m diameter handlebars. They seem very comfortable and I was thinking of upgrading. However, I see many riders still prefer the narrower versions. Besides changing stems are there any other considerations besides the minor wieght...
  13. mark444

    Tire Width Question

    I am a heavy rider, 225lbs, and looking to upgrade my tires. Right now I have 25c tires. For years I had 21c and 23c tires without issue but was in the 180lb range weightwise. Should I stay with 25c tires, where the selection is more limited, or will going to 23c tires be ok as long as I have...