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  1. Xa3phod

    Moving from Mountain Bike to something more comfortable.

    Hi. I have a Specialized Hardrock and although its a fine bike, I don't do much off roading anymore. I would prefer something extremely comfortable for long rides in the city. Only real factor is that I am 6'5" and 225. I need a extra large bike, and one that has at least 27 years, front...
  2. Xa3phod

    Modify or buy new?

    Hey folks. Here is my issue. A few months ago I bought a 2014 Specialized Hard Rock. I have always rode mountain bikes so I figured I would continue the trend. The issue is, I don't really go off road too often and I am very unforgettable on the bike. Its a very large bike (XL) and I am 6'5". I...