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  1. dhk

    Ticking Noise Cured

    Had a slight ticking noise that occurred intermittantly when pedaling. After testing everything I could think of for a period of months, yesterday I finally isolated the noise. Did this by putting the front wheel of the bike into the garage wall, so I could put weight on the pedals in static...
  2. dhk

    Megatech BB Experience

    Anyone else running the FSA Megatech BB system? It's an oversized BB shell (50mm OD) with pressed-in cartridge bearings (no threads) and ISIS spindle. Just had my second set of bearings replaced at 8200 miles, and would like to hear experience from anyone else with this BB.
  3. dhk

    Megatech OS BB

    My road bike frame was built with an FSA Megatech oversized BB last year. I'm curious how many others are running this setup. It's an open-industry standard that uses 43mm bearings pressed directly into the BB shell, and an ISIS axle. I like it for...
  4. dhk

    Cartridge Bearing Hubs

    I've got Velomax Circuit Comps, with about 5000 miles on them this season. Was recently surprised to find the front bearings felt very rough when turning the axle by hand. Today I pulled off the hub end caps and lifted the seals on the bearings to find that one had some rust. Did a good...
  5. dhk

    Road Shoe Weight

    After looking at all the component weights and wheel weights for a build kit, it occurred to me no one really talks about shoe weights. When I picked up my newer Carnac Ellipse shoes vs the old Shimano, they seemed a lot heavier. (Both have Look cleats mounted.) A check on the scale...
  6. dhk

    Velomax Circuit Comps

    Anyone have experience with Velomax Circuit Comps? I'm looking at them as part of a build kit. They are available at a good price, thought it might be fun to play with them and see if I can actually feel any difference with these on the new frame. Figure I can always order an aftermarket set...
  7. dhk

    Wheels for new frame

    OK, moving past the double/triple and pedal decisions with help of folks here, next I've got to decide on wheels to order with the new frame and request some input. First, I've only ridden on 32 spoke Ultegra built up wheels....Mavic rims on the last two rebuilds of my old hubs. Guys tell me...
  8. dhk

    Double vs Triple

    I've only had doubles, but am leaning strongly to a triple setup for the next ride. My low gear is a 39/26 now, which seems low enough for most of the hills around here. But, I want to do the big 10-12% local climbs, plus maybe the 6 Gap Century, which I now avoid. The triple looks like the...