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    Schwinn 1500 floor pump with stuck plunger

    My beloved 20 year old, all steel construction, Schwinn 1500 floor pump has decided to choke itself on its rubber plunger. The plunger came clean off the rod and is lodged down at the bottom of the tube. I've not been able to dislodge it. I'm not impressed with most new floor pumps, and...
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    Crit strategies for an upward sloping power profile

    Background: The (inevitable?) decline of my neuromuscular power over the years, plus recent heavy emphasis on FTP training, has transformed my power profile to one of an upward bent, from my previous "pursuiter" profile. A long time ago, way before power meters were around, I seemed to...
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    Openers for two race weekend: what would you do?

    It's Monday, and I'm competing in a short uphill TT Saturday evening, and one, maybe two, 50 minute crits the following afternoon. My CTL is 77, TSB: -18. The TT will take less than 10 minutes to complete. I want to do my best both days, but especially for the crit. At 77 TSS/day, I'm...
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    Training Peaks subscription?

    I have WKO+ and I was just wondering if an online TP subscription would give me anything beyond what WKO already does. Any thoughts? If it's just a way to back up power files, then I already do that by other means. I also see it has a calendar for planning workouts, but I use a spreadsheet...
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    Best place to find a junior-sized road bike

    Can anybody suggest how I might find an inexpensive, very small road bike for a 4 ft. tall 10 year old? Something around 38 cm with 650B wheels would probably be ideal. Surely, there's some used ones out there somewhere?
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    Theo Bos says, "It's an aerobic sport, damnit!"

    Well not exactly word for word, but ...Theo Bos talks about his transition to the road. Excerpts: "Bos said his peak power output on the track was 2,000 watts in the sprints. He says he’s been able to produce up to 1,800 watts in training and 1,500 watts in a real sprint at the end of a long...
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    Boost your power 200W (mechanically)!

    This is what I need! ;) Gruber Assist video --
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    FTP Focus

    What might a training plan that focuses on raising FTP during the winter look like? I know, I know, plans will vary widely and depend on time available, etc. But I'm curious how it might differ from an SST/CTL Focus. Whether such a plan is wise to follow is another question...with the answer...
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    Out of the saddle climbing and bone density

    Assuming for a second that decreasing bone density is a real issue for cyclists it would seem to me, from what I have read, that regularly standing while climbing would more or less mitigate the problem. Thoughts?
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    Roller belts

    Wasn't sure where to post this...does anyone know of a source for round polyurethane drive belts suitable for rollers? I have a Tacx Speedbraker which is no longer supported. Specifically I need 19" x 3/16" belts to drive the resistance fans. Thanks. Tip of the day: Don't store your...
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    New use for old rollers

    While riding my rollers tonight I happened upon a new way to practice handling skills I thought worth sharing. I was set up next to a high stack of boxes and after bumping into them once accidentally I decided this may be a safe way to practice my "Robbie McEwen bumping skills." This was quite...
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    I can ride again -- now what?

    Hooray! After approximately 8 weeks off due to a head injury I can finally return to training. Quick back story: I'm a master's age Cat. 3 in my second year of returning to racing after a 10 year break (sound familiar?). I trained all winter long with a program of mostly upper-endurance-range...
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    The Growth Hormone Myth

    Interesting article. I'd like to hear some counter-arguments (but not more lunatical rantings from **** Pound). The Growth Hormone Myth What athletes, fans, and the sports media don't understand about HGH. By Daniel Engber Posted...
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    Returning from injury

    Hi all, I'm wondering how much fitness I will end up losing by the end of an estimated seven to eight week period of complete rest due to a head injury. It depends on a lot of factors I'm sure, but since I have so much extra time to think about these things I thought I'd ask on this forum. The...
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    Should a Cat. 3 bother with "peaking"?

    Greetings, I'm new to this forum and I like what I've read here so far. It's an antidote to all the questionable training fads and advise I find elsewhere. This appeals to the contrarian in me, but I'm also interested in the truth, whatever it may be, and not just bucking popular opinion...