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  1. danfoz

    Cannondale SuperSix 54cm w/Campagnolo Athena 11 for sale

    Selling my Cannondale on eBay if anyone is interested. 23290
  2. danfoz

    TUF 20

    That's T The U Ultimate F Fighter, season 20, which after 20 seasons might possibly make it the longest running "reality" show. I believe 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' currently holds the title? In any case it's an all female straw weight division (115lbs) fight-off, with a Championship belt on the...
  3. danfoz

    MUST SEE... LIVE: September 18, 2014 Jens Voight apparently attempting WORLD HOUR RECORD!

    Scheduled for Sep 18, 2014 The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is delighted to announce that Trek Factory Racing German rider Jens Voigt has decided to attempt the Hour record on September 18, 2014 at the Vélodrome Suisse in Grenchen, Switzerland.
  4. danfoz

    TUF 20

    The Ultimate Fighter, 20th season, starts on Fox Sports early September featuring a house full of ladies fighting for the UFC straw weight title (115lbs). The main difference between this and prior seasons, is that for the first time these fighters are all cream of the crop and world class...
  5. danfoz

    Remembering Jens

    Jens Voigt retires after his last race on Sunday, the USA Pro Challenge: Interviewer: Who is the most grumpy in the morning? (everyone points to Voigt) Jens: Hit me, I got broad shoulders, I can carry de byuuuurden Tough as...
  6. danfoz

    Beetroot, who knew? The chef for the Belkin cycling team is explaining one of the unusual food ingredients which it is hoped will give its riders an extra edge in this year's Tour de France.
  7. danfoz

    718 Cyclery

    Another season, and time for another chain. Apparently my local bike shop's Campagnolo11 chain rivet peening tool recently went missing. We have another pro shop close by in Brooklyn who I know builds a lot of high end bikes and is certainly in possession of the tool required to install my...
  8. danfoz

    Forget the Oscars, is anybody else watching UFC 170?

    And forget the men, it's Ronda Rousey vs. Sara Mcmann. An Olymic judoka medalist vs. an Olympic wrestler medalist... I love both these ladies, and they both love to bang. And since the only thing I may love more than racing a bike is sanctioned banging, and ladies that love to bang, I'm...
  9. danfoz

    Tough Ladies

    Since Monday is President's Day and a day off from my training schedule, I've indulged in a few Asahi's and would like to share two of my favorite female athletes: Gina Carano and Evelyn Stevens. And let's not forget the "arm collector" and fellow judoka, roudy Ronda...
  10. danfoz

    SALE - Very good prices for complete bikes at Competive Cyclist... Ridlys, Williers, and Merckxs
  11. danfoz

    Off the bike training for racing / Strengthening the core

    The plank: Tom Boonen and Mark Cavendish show us how it's done. The exercise can benefit everyone, but is especially useful for riders with a substantial drop between saddle and bars, or for riders needing to hold deep aerodynamic positions for any significant duration. How to...
  12. danfoz

    Manx Missile reunited with old friend Renshaw

    Looks like Cavendish is back with the man who's not afraid to pull my favorite move in a fight. Will this upset the raw power of Sagan and Kittel in July?
  13. danfoz

    It's All About the Mind: The Psychology of Cycling

    Interesting video on mental constraints to performance on the bike: "If you never confront pain you are missing the essence of the sport".
  14. danfoz

    Smiling for Smiddy

    Mark Smoothy reflects on the journey he started when he lost his friend Adam Smiddy to cancer. I'm not sure where I heard about this but if it was on the forum, it deserves a repost.
  15. danfoz

    Watch Riddick, Insidious 2

    Noting personal but I'm betting both these movies are ****. Instead see I Spit On Your Grave part 2. Our hero is savagely raped and beaten close to death, but unlike the sad ending in Irreversible, she comes back and kills all the fuckers who wronged her... slowly. Outstanding! Maybe...
  16. danfoz

    New Specialized Aero helmet

    I was watching today's stage and Tony Martin rolled into view wearing a very cool looking helmet. I have not been a fan of the aesthetics of past Spec helmets but this one looks very nice...
  17. danfoz

    Wiggins' out of TDF

    Sad news... But gee whiz, I wonder who's now the shoe-in for yellow?