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  1. avmanansala

    Cannondale Road Warrior: Which model for a newbie?

    Just wondering what you ended up with. Attached a pic of my '06 C'Dale Road Warrior 500. I swapped out the Specialized Armadillos for Continental Gator Skins (700x25)...let me tell you, its a world of difference! So much lighter than the Armadillos. Haven't had them on long enough to know...
  2. avmanansala

    Cannondale Road Warrior: Which model for a newbie?

    The only road bike I test rode was a Specialized Allez before I ended up with my RW. I have since ridden the Synapse (albeit aluminum) w/ 105, just as comfortable and not as twitchy as the Allez. Bottom line, I chose my RW more for the limited riding I was planning on doing and for cost. In...
  3. avmanansala

    Cannondale Road Warrior: Which model for a newbie?

    Sorry for the late reply. I mean stiff in a good way; great power transfer. I tend to ride 25-30 miles at a time on the weekends and about 10 miles on the eveneings (when I can ride). Not too bad. I never feel as if I can't wait to get off the bike. I do have a carbon seat post instead...
  4. avmanansala

    Cannondale Road Warrior: Which model for a newbie?

    Locally, the RW 1000 is just a bit over $1300. Looking over the specs, the bike is essentially a flat bar road bike (albeit with a more comfortable frame). With Shimano 105 wheels, Ultegra rear derailer, are you sure you don't want a road bike. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent bike but...
  5. avmanansala

    Cannondale Road Warrior: Which model for a newbie?

    Jane, glad you like the RW500 as much as I love mine. :) Mark, I'm currently riding on 700x25 tires (at a hair over 200lbs., I'm a clyde) and have not had any problems. Just upgrade your tires. Your LBS should be able to tell you what tires will fit no problem. I currently ride on...
  6. avmanansala

    carbon crash

    At a minimum, I would contact Trek and see what they advise. I bet they tell you not to ride the bike until after it has been inspected. Don't forget to buy a new helmet.
  7. avmanansala

    Mickey Thompson murder case under way nearly 19 years later (The San Francisco Examiner)

    I remember when this happened, I was in high school at the time (geez, has it been 19 years already???!) Mickey Thompson was/is huge in the hot rod world. It really was a tragedy.
  8. avmanansala

    New to biking - which hybrid?

    Like all things bike related, make sure the bike fits you and what you want it to do. If you are going to be commuting, then I suggest you should also be interested in bikes that offerer the ability to mount fenders and possibly a pannier rack to take the load off you. As far as bikes go, I...
  9. avmanansala

    Emergency Evacuation

    That all depends on where your current situation (single, married, kids, etc.), where you live, what the disaster is, the evacuation points/routes, weather/climate, etc. I would be responsible for my family, so my bike would probably be one of the last things I packed up, though I would...
  10. avmanansala

    first close call with a car

    I live in a new development in Rancho Cordova, CA. I was out last night riding down the main street. All side streets that feed onto this street have stop signs. Some moron in nice expensive MB sedan, on his cell phone blew through the stop sign and slammed on his brakes just in time to avoid...
  11. avmanansala

    Star Trek

    I loved it when Scotty took over the just KNEW he was launching the photon torpedos to get his captain back. Scotty: "Queen to Queen's Level One." Spock: "Queen to King's Level One"
  12. avmanansala

    advice on tires for beginner

    I ride an '06 Cannondale Road Warrior 500 w/ black Specialized bar ends. I typically have two white Mike's Bikes bottles, too. Small world. :)
  13. avmanansala

    advice on tires for beginner

    Not the fastest tires, but I've been very happy with my Specialized Armadillos. I live in a new development in I've got to contend with nails, staples, screws, glass, etc; I also ride on the American River Bike Trail and have to contend with thorns and such. No problems so far.
  14. avmanansala

    Carrying a camera while cycling

    Thomas, D1X: COOL! Small backpacks are probably the better way to go, Lowepro Mini Trekker or Micro Trekker 200. Depending on lenses, I would say that smaller and lighter is better. I've heard that the Lowepro Top Loader 70/75 is a good option with the chest strap, I've not done it. I've...
  15. avmanansala

    LBS Advice

    I'm in Sacramento, CA and I've been very happy with Mike's Bikes. The two Performance Centers were okay when I asked questions, but weren't very helpful otherwise. I rec'd great info from the owner of American River Bicycle on Folsom and La Riviera. REI in Cal Expo has also been great.
  16. avmanansala

    New Bike/What Kind?

    I purchased a Cannondale Road Warrior 500 ('06 model) "fitness bike" and added bar ends and swapped out the cage pedals for some Shimano SP-M324 pedals (SPD clipless on one side and a flat pedal on the other. I've done 20 mile rides with it without too much problems, the bar ends do help...
  17. avmanansala

    My first truly awful crash

    Ouch! Hope you and your friend are on the mend and riding soon. Sounds like you guys had the right of way and she failed to yield to you.
  18. avmanansala

    hey totally new biker here

    Go down to your local LBS and take a look at what they have to offer. Visit several that sell different brands. Consider that you also have to budget for a helmet; a good U-lock or similar; maybe some mountain bike shorts w/ chamois; and maybe some lights (hey, winter is around the corner and...
  19. avmanansala

    Yes, this was Murder....

    My condolences to John E. Peckham's family and friends. He sounds like a great guy.
  20. avmanansala

    Newk drop/bar ends

    I purchased a set of these from a friend/coworker and am planning on adding them to my Cannondale Road Warrior 500. Anybody use them? any comments? thanks!