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  1. newlew

    Texas racing

    Come on over to Austin on the weekends and you can ride with us. We are about 3 hours from Lake Jackson but we might hit some races in that area. The Texas season starts early and runs heavy thru the spring. You'll be 3 to 4 hours from Austin, San Antonio & Dallas. Plenty of races in Houston...
  2. newlew

    Looking for an iPhone App with riding directions

    I was ahead of my time. Mapmyride can do this now. Improved Workout Experience The new app will greet you with a 3D interactive map that moves with you during your workout. It includes map pins of what's around you, easy access to music, an updated sensor bar, and configurable workout stats...
  3. newlew

    Online coaching advice

    One of the guys actually turned me on to a coach that he used back in Wisconsin. I actually had my first training session yesterday and Wow the things I've learned in just one ride and a few phone conversations. This was definitely the right decision. I rode so hard leading up to the formal...
  4. newlew

    Online coaching advice

    Thanks for the confirmation, so much to learn with such little time. I'll will be in touch, thanks
  5. newlew

    Online coaching advice

    I've been cycling seriously for the last 6 months. I have been riding with my local bike shops race team on group rides for the last few months. They have encouraged me to start racing at some point next season, I am really motivated to try it and I've been putting in the training time. I can...
  6. newlew

    Abeni Bicycle

    I made it to the end, cool bike! From a newbie that can appreciate most things classic, I am now eyeing these threads more and more. My wife will soon hate you guys if I start dipping in the savings account and buying 25 lb rust buckets
  7. newlew

    The Never-Ending Wide Road Shoe Search

    It might be a dumb idea but when I tried on 2 different brands of Tri shoes they felt like they had more width room in them. I can't remember what brands but I do remember them having the feel of more girth.
  8. newlew

    Best tip for improving hill climbing?

    I started cycling several months ago and I'm currently riding 3 to 4 time a week - 20 to 40 miles per ride averaging 16 to 17 mph. I live in the Texas hill country so climbing is part of my day. I know the easy answer to improve my hill climbs is to keep riding but what is the better training...
  9. newlew

    Looking for an iPhone App with riding directions

    Well, I am a moron I guess. I tried it today on mapmyride and pcmax is exactly right. With all the functionality these phones have you could have won a lot of money off me earlier today. Maybe I should do my homework first, reply second next time. Checks in the mail lol
  10. newlew

    Looking for an iPhone App with riding directions

    I think mapmyride does this. you can create your own maps but I've never used that feature because I ride familiar routes. Also maybe the maps app will do it if you can get the route correct? That might be difficult. Mike