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  1. firegooroo

    Diet and nutrition

    I have been out of cycling for about a year and a half and on the beginning of March I decided to get off my rear and get back in shape and get ready for the 09 season. That being said I have been on a very restricted diet just to lose the pounds I have gained. My ideal riding weight is about...
  2. firegooroo

    New Announcement

    Hey guys, view the new announcement on the announcement page. Thanks. New online travel agency. Great prices, easy to use. :D
  3. firegooroo


    Hello guys, My name is Peter Aleman and I have an online travel agency just for you guys. We have great vacation packages and other cool stuff on my website. On my website you can book any flight, car rental, cruise, hotel stay, vacation package. Our website works...
  4. firegooroo

    Training software

    I am hoping to get some help. I have been out of touch with training since I broke my wrist a little over 2 years ago. I have finally gotten the time and energy to start riding again and train for next seasons races. Got a new bike to celebrate the occasion and all. But now I need help. I have a...
  5. firegooroo

    The final straw on heart rate minimums and maximums and all the inbetween

    :rolleyes: Something to think about here, I have gone through pages of different aspect of heart rate monitors, resting heart rates, max heart rates, where to train in and various other topics that just leads us to one old question. What is up with heart rate and what does it all really mean...
  6. firegooroo

    Clinchers or Tubulars

    I have done a search and can't seem to find a common ground for this question. I have read that the UCI have been trying to ban the tubulars from the racing circuit, stating that they are to dangerous. I have also read that tubulars are making a great come back and that 80% or better of the...
  7. firegooroo

    Break away blues!!!

    I have been a MTB racer for a couple of years and last Sept. I got serious about racing on road. With that said I have trained really hard up to this point where my first CRIT race in CAT 5 is this weekend. One problem, I rode yesterday with a pretty fast group to kind of give me race day...
  8. firegooroo

    Roadie looking for a velo track singlespeed bike

    Hey guys, I'm a roadie that is looking to do some cross training on a velo track. I was hoping that anyone might know what I should be looking for in a singlespeed or fixed gear (I think they mean the same thing) bike and component wise. Just to let you know I started by looking at the Fuji...
  9. firegooroo

    Florida Cyclists

    I just wanted to start a thread for all Florida Cyclist out there. This should range from your newbees to the pros in FLA. Additionally I would like to extend this thread to anyone knowing of upcoming events such as CRITS, RRs, TT, TRACK, MTB or even fun rides like the upcoming Snow bird...
  10. firegooroo

    Heart Rate Monitor

    In your opinion, what would you consider a good HRM. I currently have one but it does one thing and one thing only, that's take your heart rate. I'm looking for something that looks at target zones, averages and maximums for a decsent price. Whats your input on the matter. Your opinion is...
  11. firegooroo

    New road bike

    I would like to post a question to all those pros out there and any one else who would like to input on the question. I am interested in upgrading my bike sometime in the near future. I currently own a FUJI Roubaix pro with Shimano 105 components, Richy rims and hubs. I plan on racing in the...
  12. firegooroo

    Shaved or unshaved?

    Sorry ladies this poll happens to be for the men. But you may participate if you like. Guys do you shave your legs or not? and if you do why do you do it and why do you think its important. if you don't, well why not. I have heard many debates over the issue and you hear all sorts of...
  13. firegooroo

    Shaved or unshaved?

    The question I bring to you today is whether or not you are a shaver or a non shaver? Its interesting to see cyclist both on the road and on the trails that debat the issue. I have heard all sorts of reasons why people shave and why the don't. Tell my why you shave and how you think its...