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    Lance disses AC!

    Passes on his celebration party, basically tells him F Off. Poor AC. Armstrong skips party honoring Contador - VeloNews
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    LA to ride in 2010

    including the TdF:p. Looks like he and JB might be launching there own team. Austin news, sports, weather, Longhorns, business |
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    Why was the "This forum is dying" thread closed

    Why was the "This forum is dying" thread closed? After having been stickied for near 2 years and now its closed!!!! What a shame. Is this a sign of things to come???? A slow death?:eek: The other forums are on fire in comparison.
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    More reasons to dislike Evans

    Is this guy serious? More whining from Cadel. "To be honest, I think it was not a time loss," he said in the finish. He started chasing Sastre and leading out the group by himself when the Spaniard's gap grew over two minutes. "There was no support, they all sat on. It was a headwind and the...
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    Be very careful out there.....

    This doesnt have to do with the Grand Tours but I thought some of you might find it interesting.
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    Organ Harvesting in China

    Check this out! "Think live lobsters in Chinese restaurant water tanks, waiting for you to walk in and order. Now imagine people in the place of the lobsters. This is not a joke. It's for real and as bad as it comes". Link
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    Team Clean
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    Mountains Classification

    If Soler is popped that means next in line for the jersey is none other than Alberto Contador. What a great ride this kid is having. The possibility of winning 2 jerseys.
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    I guess this about sums it up. "Prudhomme blamed the UCI for not clearly communicating the facts about Rasmussen's missed tests, otherwise "he would not have been allowed to start". The Tour director said he tried to call McQuaid, but "apparently he was on vacation".
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    TdF 2008

    Instead of all the nonsense with doping here is the new plan. TDF 2008 Two classes Goup A TDF ELITE: All of our favorite clean racers head to head for three thousand miles. Group B TDF OPEN MODIFIED: Run what cha brung Testosterone patches in all the feed bags Blood transfusion...
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    USPS/Discovery- Greatest team of all time?

    They are on the verge of winning 8 TdF's in 9 years. Add to that wins in the DL, Gent Wevelgem,Vuelta, Giro, Tour de Georgia, Three Days of De Panne, Tour of California, Paris-Nice, Tour of Belgium and countless other stage wins etc. This has to solidify their reign as the best team ever.
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    Have you read this one yet?
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    Astana vs. Discovery

    Kloden, Kashechkin, Vino vs. Contador, Leipheimer, Popo Who comes out on top? Mix in Rassmusen, Mayo, and Evans and it should be a great battle tomorrow. Let the carnage begin.
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    Doctor.House was right

    He called it. He was right. Hes been throwing this cow blood thing around for a while now. Does everyone agree?
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    T-Mobile in Disarray?

    What a mess this team has become. Rogers- crashed out Sinkewitz- crashed out and doped out Cavendish- out Burghardt - caught on camera humping a dog The only bright spot is "Gertus Linaman's" stage win but he even lost the white jersey. What a sad state of affairs this once great doped team...
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    Iban Mayo

    He went from beating LA on Mont Ventoux in the 2003 Dauphine Libere to a 6th place finish in the 2003 TdF to the biggest dissapointment in 04, 05, 06, and now a contender in this TdF. What is up with this guy?
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    Landis asked to narc on LA
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    Welcome back Flyer

    Glad to have your expert opinion back.
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    Wurms Official Vacation Thread

    " I love the smell of napalm in the morning! You know, it smells like..... Victory." ( Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore ) Wurm have you prepared your concession speech? You havent forgot our little bet have you? I hope you are not planning on welching on the bet because if you do you will be...
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    The New DemocRAT Party of 2006 -- The Party of "AL"

    The democRAT party has been renamed the "Party of Al". For example........ Politicians: al Gore al Sharpton al Zawahiri Media: al Jazeera al Arabyia al AP al Reuters al CNN Political Hacks: al Franken al Zarqawi [oops -- dead] Armed Forces: al Queda al Ansar