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  1. mawtangent

    Dawes USA bicycles - Review

    Hello, I was just doing a search on google and this thread address came up (I'm actually a member here, but haven't been around since July)... I just wanted to chime in that I've read many times that Dawes USA is not affiliated with the Dawes bicycle campany in the UK. Dawes USA aquired...
  2. mawtangent

    Cheng Shin tires

    I've just (in the last year) have had to deal with 700c road-bike tires. My first new bike (in over 20 years), a flat-bar road-bike came with Michelin Dynamics (700 x 25). These seem light and fast (although, at around 350 grams, I assume many roadies would consider them heavy), but they are...
  3. mawtangent

    Spam Has Ruined This Site!!!

    Well it is looking a lot more normal now, spam doesn't seem out of control. Thanks to whomever took some action.
  4. mawtangent

    ’Tire Liners’ for commuters

    That would be a good experiment for the show "MythBusters"...I have no idea, I think I did read somewhere that those don't work. It sounds like your tire-within-a-tire system is preventing flats... About finding glass in the tire: about half of my flats in the last 17 months were due to...
  5. mawtangent

    GET RID OF THESE F%@&!$G ADS!!!!

    I had to laugh at your post (almost out-loud, I don't want to wake up my wife in the next room) are right, this is bazzarro world or something.
  6. mawtangent

    The Art of Urban Cycling - R Hurst

    I have read about half the book...I can't say I see the point of going through the history of the bicycle (along with America's ever-growing love affair with the car and the evolving city landscape), but I may get it as I keep reading. My take so far: The conventional biking wisdom has been to...
  7. mawtangent

    ’Tire Liners’ for commuters

    If anyone is interested (and I would like to bump the topic of "flat-prevention" to the top) I am returning the 700 x 28 Marathon Plus and exchanging it for a 700 x 25 Marathon Plus (which hadn't been listed as available when I ordered the 700 X 28, but is now listed, on
  8. mawtangent

    Spam Has Ruined This Site!!!

    Hey...I agree, all this spam makes me think this site is dying. There should be (at least) a financial motivation to make it look efficient and well-run. I'm relatively new here and I'm don't have a lot of bike expertise to offer others (and I do appreciate the free service of this site), but if...
  9. mawtangent

    schwinn road bikes

    Hey...I don't know a lot about bikes but about a year ago I wanted to try out a chromoly-framed bike. In early Spring 2007 I got a mid-80's Schwinn Traveler that I really like (through ebay). It has a chromoly frame and 27-inch alloy rims (It weighs approx 28 lbs). I paid $100 (plus $50...
  10. mawtangent

    The Art of Urban Cycling - R Hurst

    Thanks for telling me this book exists. I googled it, read a review (that contained several passages from the book), and just ordered the 2006 version (which was selling for less than the old version at I don't live in a city by any means (a mostly rural area, extreme southwest...
  11. mawtangent

    ’Tire Liners’ for commuters

    Thanks for the info about tire liners, I will probably try them in the future.... The Schwalbe Marathon Plus (700 x 28) arrived yesterday...Yes it definately should stop flats (it may be overkill for my situation)...It is heavy (it is supposed to weigh 690 grams, almost twice the weight of the...
  12. mawtangent

    ’Tire Liners’ for commuters

    I hope this is not considered a thread high-jacking. I'd like to hear more about the tire-within-a-tire method, but I've also become curious about the "store-bought" tire-liners (Green Slime and Spin Skins have been mentioned in this thread, and I've also heard of others, including the...
  13. mawtangent

    ’Tire Liners’ for commuters

    This is the second time I've heard of this method (putting a tire within a tire) and I might try it in the future (I've also been curious about tire-liners and slime, but remain sceptical). I got a Windsor Stratford about a year ago and it came with Michelin Dynamic tires (700 x 25).(Before...
  14. mawtangent

    Speed Bumps and Train Tracks...Kills speed and tires!

    Hey...I'm new here...and maybe I'm stating the obvious...but... I've recently found myself facing a more bumpy ride as I experiment with commuting. Although I like to take Sunday morning rides down the paved highway (on my newer Windsor Stratford roadbike, with 1-inch-wide skinny tires), I find...
  15. mawtangent

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Hello, I live in (extreme southwest) Virginia, I work in a grocery store. I loved riding bikes as a kid and am rediscovering that enthusiasm again. I'm mostly a Sunday driver (literally, I've been biking about 16 miles on Sunday mornings, while the automobile traffic is light). I recently...