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  1. drewjc

    cycle gearing

    I know that on a couple of smaller tracks with inadequate banking there has been gear restrictions set in the past. It used to be something silly like 88" (46x14) at the old muswellbrook velodrome in central NSW. But on a 180m concrete track what do you expect! No restrictions that i know of...
  2. drewjc

    Power and Acceleration?

    What does your HRM tell you when you start a descent or tailwind section on your rides? (i believe it would go up if you hold a steady power output???) From my basic knowledge of the figures associated with pedalling, power, force, torque, cadence etc. i would assume that the rise in cadence...
  3. drewjc

    Disc brake setup

    As far as i know there is a 36h option on these hubs. Im sure they asked me when i bought mine. The Sun hubs sound like a good option though, that's if you havent already looked at them. I really dont think that 185mm is worth the hassle to be honest. If you really think that u need that much...
  4. drewjc

    Disc brake setup

    If you're on a budget why not look at the shimano m475 hubs? I built a set of training wheels up with 700c rims on my mtb with these hubs and they r cheap and roll just as well as the standard (on my bike) m525 hubs. Also you shouldnt need to buy nipples as they come with most spokes. Im not...
  5. drewjc

    new wheels

    What about Ksyrium Elites? Not super aero but steel spokes for strength and traditional spoking pattern. I havent heard a bad report. Maybe not cheap enough though :s They do look pretty cool though i reckon. If not then i'd nearly have to go the custom option also. CXP 33 with maybe ultegra or...
  6. drewjc

    Making Flat Bar Road Bikes faster and lighter

    I bought a brand new flat bar bike last year, mainly for training on the road with my road and track racing mates. It goes like this.... Giant XTC2 disc (black), shimano deore (LX/XT rear) running gear, race face black cranks, hayes hydraulic discs, rock shox duke XC forks (w/adjustable travel...
  7. drewjc

    52-34 compact setup-What do you think.

    I dont see why it wouldn't "work", the question is whether it would be worth doing. If you need this wide a range of gears it is probably worth going for a triple. Your main problem would be deraileurs. You may have difficulty getting both front and rear to co-operate with that wide a range on...
  8. drewjc

    Best track sprinter

    Dont mean to nit-pick but Niewand has won 3 world titles that i am aware of, but only one in the sprint. He did the double that year with the kieren and absolutely demolished the Japanese guys at home in the kieren series, then went on a couple of years later to beat the french in the Olympic...
  9. drewjc

    Campy 28" wheelsize designation.

    i think that is the size standard for tubulars/singles. They are basically the same as 700c but due to them being singles there is another sizing system. Im pretty sure that is what it is. Just something else to confuse us.
  10. drewjc

    Best track sprinter

    I dont recall Gary Niewand ever being an Olympic champion.... one of very few races he actually never won. But he was a persoanl favourite of mine along with French rider Florian Rousseau. I admire Florian for the fact that he won the world Kilo champs one year then proceeded to win the sprint...
  11. drewjc

    Bike Weight: It's All Relative

    My road bike is around 15% and trackie is about 10.5% which is rather neglible as there aren't too many hills on the velodromes i race at! I think that i could easily lower this with a new bike which i plan to buy after christmas, my roadie at the moment is around 11kg and quite old and flimsy...
  12. drewjc

    How long does it take you to change a flat on the roadside??

    I actually timed it the other day and it took me 6min45sec from the time i stopped until the time i started riding again. That includes exchanging old for new tube, and pumping up road tyre to about 80psi with mini pump. I obviously also checked the tyre for debris and cuts. I think that is a...
  13. drewjc

    FSA K-wing or Easton Equipe?

    I used an FSA K-wing bar on a Cannondale demo model the other day and was quite impressed. I was a critic of carbon bars in general until i tried these and now i want some. The only downfall i could find was that the bend at the top was quite sharp and i tended to bang my wrists on them when in...
  14. drewjc

    Track Forks

    I use Carbon track forks that Paul Hillbrick distributes (he didn't build my frame though). I think the brand name is Roselli. They have a carbon steerer tube and are built quite solidly. I would recommend them for general track racing as they seem quite stiff and very light for track specific...
  15. drewjc

    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    I don't carry a weapon personally, but have been tempted to on occasion. Never really an option here in Australia though as it is highly illegal in all states and quite difficult to get hold of a handgun in the first place. The worst thing out training in Australia is dogs that aren't tied up or...
  16. drewjc

    What to be called

    TechJD just wondering how u managed to spell "Giant" wrong in all 5 of the options that included it? My choices would possibly be something like this. Mirage, Veloce, Centaur, Chorus, Record or Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura-Ace or even Steel, Aluminium, Carbon, Titanium. ???
  17. drewjc

    Setting tire circumference for computers

    Apparently the best method is to roll out the distance whilst sitting on the bike. I do this by marking a spot on the tyre and rolling along a tape measure close to a wall to keep balance. Seems to work.
  18. drewjc

    Tubulars and Clinchers?

    I dont think i understand what the problem is? If the wheel has a clincher tyre on it run that, if it has a tubular use that. Mixing a tubular front and clincher rear (or vice versa) is not a problem as far as i can see.
  19. drewjc

    Shimano 9 SPD on a Hed Disk

    If the disc doesnt have the reverse (locknut) threading usually associated with a track wheel then maybe it is the road freewheel version. This leads me to suggest the only option that i can think of. Get hold of a 9spd screw on cluster. Im sure somebody used to make them (sachs possibly?) This...
  20. drewjc

    What Kind of Bike Would You Use for Commuting?

    I use a MTB (hardtail) with 700c slicks and disc brakes for basically all of my riding. It is the fasest town bike i have ever ridden with the ability to launch off or onto gutters, footpaths and often over the top of slow moving cars...... it has the best all round ability along with great...