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  1. tarverten

    Hydraulic Brake Levers And Other Question?

    See if LBS can order the broken part in replacements, QBP stocks a lot of Avid Small parts, SRAM has owned the Avid Brand for awhile.
  2. tarverten

    Questions On Installing 26" Bent Springer Fork On A Beach Cruiser

    I'm doing this very same thing. I went with 24" wheels but haven't found a good set of bent springer forks as of yet. I'm thinking I'll also need to go with a smaller crank to minimize petal strikes.
  3. tarverten

    Is There A Signal To Warn Drivers That I'm About To Avoid An Object?

    Yes, a lane change signal is identical to a turn signal, same for bikes as for cars.
  4. tarverten

    Anyone Use One Of Those Huge Excercise Bike Front Sprockets?

    the Gear ratio will be Huge with a 26" wheel, unless you get clever and put a really large cog on the back wheel , like a 42t. .. My 54t turns a 16" wheel 3 speed IGH in wheel has 15t cog on It.
  5. tarverten

    Can Heavy Steel Forks Be Drilled?

    I suppose the question becomes, "Do you want to be the guinea pig for a DIY-drilled fork?"
  6. tarverten

    Are Sidi Bike Shoes Really Worth It.?

    With shoes, it starts with fit, and that can vary significantly between models in brand as well as between brands. After that, it's features and style.
  7. tarverten

    Good Water Bottle?

    Try the 'Purist Hydroflo' bottle, best one I've ever used and adds no plastic flavor to the water, made with resins instead of BPA plastics. They also have a spill proof mouthpiece.
  8. tarverten

    Best Time To Buy From Performance

    The manager at my local store told me they have the double reward points deal two weekends per year and the triple points deal one weekend per year. Unfortunately for the original poster, the triple weekend was last month. It's a hell of a deal. Buy a 1000 dollar bike and get 200 or 300 dollars...
  9. tarverten

    Anybody Else Feel Pressured To Ride Fast By The Drop Bars?

    Only worry if you feel a desire to dress like the circus and in a formation like a duck. Then its Road Bike forum for you.
  10. tarverten

    What Time Do You Generally Go Riding?

    i ride every morning at 5am except wednesday and saterdays, i ride either 7am or 9am
  11. tarverten

    Good Method/practice For Navigation

    We use Garmin's (I have 810 and my husband a Touring) and think they are amazing! Not perfect, but... I'd always thought the technology would be intrusive on our peaceful tours, but in planning our LEJOG (Lands End, Cornwall to John O'Groats, Scotland; 1100 miles) last year, the advice from...
  12. tarverten

    Bought Used Bike

    Didn't you test ride it before buying it? I say take it to a shop for a full tuneup when you get a chance and ride it around the neighborhood in the meantime. As long as you don't go on crazy 100 mile trips or something you should be fine.
  13. tarverten

    What's Up With Puncture Resistant Tires?

    Well, there is no puncture proof tire on the market that I know of right now. But before Mr. Dunlop invented pneumatic tires (tyres?), you could ride solid rubber tires which were puncture proof. The new tires are so much more comfortable they put solid rubber out of business.
  14. tarverten

    How Wide Are You're Handlebars?

    725mm on my XC bike. I love the stability on descents and the rocking leverage I get to use on out-of-saddle sprints. Width is no problem in ST with trees.
  15. tarverten

    Can You Ride Mtbs On Pavement Longterm?

    I tried going this route and found that it wasn't for me. I have a dual suspension mtb though. Not sure if you have a hard tail or not so you may not experience the same as me. I didn't put skinny slicks on mine. I put 2" street tires on there and although it was fun riding around on the...
  16. tarverten

    How To Use Bike Rack

    Those racks were never designed for the wheel to go all the way through, they are designed to allow bikes to be parked on both sides, and simply holding them up by the wheel. I have heard, and my experience backs it up, that bikes are more stable on this style rack if parked with the rear tire...
  17. tarverten

    Difficulty Sleeping After A Hard Ride

    how old are you? what is your general state of physical health? (you sound healthy) do you only have insomnia evenings after bike rides? do you do any other regular exercise? Melatonin might help, but I suspect a non supplement/medical solution would be better in the long run Jealous for your...
  18. tarverten

    Mounting A Backpack To Bicycle

    milk crate on back rack came to mind. just a big bucket you can drop the pack into, you know?
  19. tarverten

    What Is The Deal With The Top Tube Protection

    When I was a kid, I had a black "dirt" bike. It was my first bike with a level top tube (wasn't step through or a tricycle). My dad put pipe insulation on there that he wrapped with black electrical tape to match the color of the bike because I was worried I'd not know how to dismount correctly...
  20. tarverten

    Keep Trek 820 Or Move Up?

    It depends a bit on how old your 820 is. Early 1990s 820s had a butted cro-mo main triangle and cro-mo fork. Later versions had hi-ten frames and even later, aluminum with low end front suspension. The early 820s and 830s make great all around bikes that are comfortable and durable. Outfitted...