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    Dh fork on enduro bike?

    Great point, thanks a lot for the help
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    Dh fork on enduro bike?

    I am heading more into the downhill region of cycling but I cannot afford a downhill bike yet, I found a fork dirt cheap so I was just wondering what problems might come up
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    Dh fork on enduro bike?

    So I have a 160mm travel fork on my enduro bike but I feel I need *just* a bit more travel, what about putting a 180 dh fork on my bike? Has anyone done it, and what are the risks/pros and cons? Any advice would be appreciated
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    Favorite gear bag?

    Okay so a bag I've always wanted made is a bag with straps/clips on the back to clip your bike on to hike to the top of trails and ride down. I also think a helmet clip would be awesome (for a full face helmet for the descents) I know it probably isn't practical but I'd definitely buy one if it...
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, I race BMX, Downhill and Enduro competitively. I started riding BMX In July 2015 and I started mountainbiking in April 2016. I ride a Chase Edge 2015 with skinny wheels (I just prefer them) for my BMX. For my Downhill and Enduro I ride a Giant Stance 2015...
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    Help with trek 1.2 purchase, did i get wrong size?

    You might be able to get the shop to cut you a deal and trade your crankset with a shorter one such as an equivalent 165 when you are still buying the bike, I haven't tried it with crank sets but I have done it with stems and grips Either way good luck
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    Help with trek 1.2 purchase, did i get wrong size?

    I guess it is possible but you would have to get used to it and adapt your riding style, even if it is a pain to change the right size it would be worth it. Think of it this way; would you buy pants or a shirt that was too big or small for you? You would probably return it and get the correct...
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    How to make funds

    Okay so first off I'm new here. I'm 15 and not sponsored (yet) I ride downhill and enduro, I'd say I'm doing pretty well, in my last enduro race I can 7th in juniors and last downhill race I came 8th. Any ideas on how to get funds or even sponsored? I'm 15 so I can't have a job, I'm trying to...