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  1. monsterman

    Time for the body bag?

    I just thought that usenet was not propogating to here anymore for some reason :confused: :confused:
  2. monsterman

    Post pregnancy cycling

    Utterly Australian !!! When she takes off on her bike for the first time, (which with her pedigree is likely to be by the age of 2), you can yell "Goanna!!!!" Is there a second name? How about: Vespa Bianc(a)/(hi) (or just go with Celeste) Phixie Vittoria Giordana Duallie
  3. monsterman

    Post pregnancy cycling

    LotteBum, My wife had twins, and I was back on my bike later that afternoon. Hope this helps. cheers, Monsterman
  4. monsterman

    Cyclists need good manners

    indeed - seems to be a near rip off off Donga's addy as well. bloody trolls
  5. monsterman

    Spindle length

    You bet your sweet bippy - flights booked, accom booked - ready to roll (well, apart from the whole half-arsed training thing ...... but these one day events are more about ticker than fitness aren't they??) shoot me an email on the address set out earlier in this thread and I'll reply with...
  6. monsterman

    Spindle length

    I have an 05 chorus BB (italian thread) with only 10,000 km on it lying around in the garage somewhere which you can have for the low price of paying the favour forward to someone else some day - (have upgraded to the ultradrive external BB cup version). send me your details at monsterman67 -...
  7. monsterman

    the usual

    Man, I wish I lived on Stud Road - :cool: :cool: ooohhhhh, the delicious irony .........:D
  8. monsterman

    Alpine classic - who's in?

    Have you guys registered for the event. My mate (big Pete) is hyper-organised and got is pre-registration codes etc and got us booked in quite early. I will be swapping the compact cranks back on in the new year for that extra bit of insurance. I understand the climbs aren't that steep -...
  9. monsterman

    Alpine classic - who's in?

    Yeah we've been doing Nebo frequently. Mt Gravatt is close to where I live so its convenient for a bunch of repeats before work. We rode to the gold coast last weekend and did the Springbrook climb which is only 8km at 6%. Still have some climbing legs left from france, though not much...
  10. monsterman

    Alpine classic - who's in?

    Gees, I hope you pair get some kind of loyalty discount .. .. .. ...
  11. monsterman

    Alpine classic - who's in?

    Yep, flights, car hire, accom etc all booked up. I think I've betrayed a lack of confidence by booking for the 6.20am start. This is my first alpine classic, so it will be a case of dialling in an all day pace and just making sure we (a mate is coming down with me) finish it and enjoy the...
  12. monsterman

    Alpine classic - who's in?

    Are any of the aus.bicycle crowd doing the Alpine Audax in January? I'm coming down from Brisbane for it, and it would be great to put some usernames to faces :) I'm starting to slightly sh:eek: t myself about the general lack of training going on in my life, but there still some time and...
  13. monsterman

    Ultimate bib knick??

    Donga dont flatter yourself - fluro green is not your colour. :eek: :eek: Now if you wore the orange fluro, then maybe .. .. ..:rolleyes:
  14. monsterman

    looking for fun

    [Theo please type accurately and check your work before posting - we know you meant "Palms"]
  15. monsterman

    Kiddy Trailers

    Lotte got a post from Paullie 3 months ago. Thats what Paullie calls it anyway, but he is prone to exageration.:)
  16. monsterman

    French Vacation

    We didn't do any group tours at all. In provence we stayed in Carpentras which is about 25 km to Bedoin where the ascent of Ventoux begins. In the Alps we stayed in a ski village called Les Deux Alpes which is very central to all the climbs we did in that area. The only problem with that...
  17. monsterman

    French Vacation

    I have finally got around to posting up a few pikkies from a cycling trip in France in late June this year. Hope this link works - I'd like to say thanks Carl Brewer at ABOC Coaching (aka Bleve of course) for helping me get into reasonable shape for some very tough...
  18. monsterman

    Stolen [Syd]:Trek Madone 5.5 2007 Model

    I'm packing my snorkel next time I head to Sydney :)
  19. monsterman

    training for fat loss

    Sure, but how's he gonna pull chicks? Everyone knows the natural order of life is: lift big get big pull chicks MM (Ventoux bound in 7 sleeps and counting ... ... ...)
  20. monsterman

    Really freakin frustrating, Red lights

    I've been trying to convert red light runners on my daily commute over the last week - with varying degrees of success. If I have a good hard look at myself, I think I started doing this as a way of venting some serious work-related frustrations / finding some conflict (its a jungle out there...