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  1. Eileen100

    Bad Cycling Experience - Should I Quit?

    I’m sorry that happened to you but no you shouldn’t quit cycling your commute to work. What you should do is try to find another route that is better suited for cycling or brace yourself for these kinds of happenings. Drivers don’t respect walkers (not the Walking dead kind Lol) either. Maybe...
  2. Eileen100

    What cleaner and oil should I use on my bike chain?

    I personally do the following; I make sure I put good old fashioned WD40 on the chain before I clean it. I take a rag and just clean without any water. I will take a bit of oil and put it on the chain and back tire parts. Because you use it all terrain you should be doing this quite often to...
  3. Eileen100

    What type of bike do you have

    I just recently bought a Trek Lush Women’s, it wasn’t cheap but I saved up and finally got the one I wanted. I still have my old bike though it’s a Mongoose Salvo I still take it out on occasion just to make sure it’s still up and running. I love my new bike it was worth the money I’ve had it...
  4. Eileen100

    Favorite Colorado Trail To Bike On?

    A great place to camp and mountain bike is a place called “Buffalo Creek” in Colorado. It’s very peaceful and serene it feels like another world. The views are great for nature lovers like me and the air is nice and clean. There are tons of trails that you can go on and ride your bike with...
  5. Eileen100

    Top 5 Mountain Bike Brands?

    Well me, myself am in the market for a very special Devinci Spartan Carbon SX. The second contender for me would be the Jones 29+, but the jeep brands of bikes are not very good for trails. A few of the good brands have been mentioned above Specialized, Giant, Kona, and Trek. The jeep brand...
  6. Eileen100

    Mountain Biking And Camping

    A great place to camp and mountain bike is a place called “Buffalo Creek” in Colorado. It’s very peaceful and serene it feels like another world. The views are great for nature lovers like me and the air is nice and clean. There are tons of trails that you can go on and ride your bike with...
  7. Eileen100

    What's A Good All Purpose Moutain Bike?

    Hello, I’m not sure what you would need the mountain bike for but the Mongoose brand is a good and acceptable price. If you’re just looking to go around town this would be ideal because it’s a trail bike but if you’re going to be cross training or doing time trials then you need to go with...
  8. Eileen100

    Good Summer Tops For Riding

    When riding in the summer I too like to go with something lightweight. Cotton always is my go to for that particular purpose; however I do own some biker gear. I like Lycra spandex it’s easy to ride in too. I sweat regardless of what I have on, I could be at the gym not doing anything super...
  9. Eileen100

    Time Trials

    I think you should make sure you listen to your body and consult with your physician. Once you do that maybe you could start with VO2 max intervals the second day maybe you can do lower intensity and the third day a threshold interval session also train when motivated.
  10. Eileen100

    Should my legs hurt?

    Your legs have more strength than you think. I should think one would be happy about that. You are more than likely doing more than one thing right, healthy eating and exercise gives you much more energy and lead way into fitness. My legs used to hurt initially when I started cycling and...
  11. Eileen100

    Beginning Distance

    Congratulations on your new journey! The best thing you can do is to listen to your body. There’s nothing like having the will and motivation and not being able to physically pull it off. If you’re on a friend’s bike and you are uncomfortable on the bike the best thing to do is to make sure...
  12. Eileen100

    Upper Body Strength

    For me, weight lifting has been an awesome and very effective way for me to gain upper body strength. I also do exercises like the wall push-ups where I stand at an angle, put my both hands on the wall and use my own body weight. That's how I started doing push-ups because I was so weak...
  13. Eileen100

    What Are The Common Cycling Injuries And How To Prevent It?

    Well, congratulations on your new adventure into cycling! First thing about cycling you need to know is the main issue with cycling is posture and listening to your body. Now posture has a lot to do with the bike you choose, making sure it's the right fit. The other main thing to make sure your...
  14. Eileen100

    Beginner. How Often Should I Train?

    Everyone's personal biking journey is different and it depends on what you are training for. Is it a long distance race or something else? I think the best thing is to start slow and then gradually push yourself to do more all the while listening to your body and staying hydrated. Posture is...
  15. Eileen100

    Which Part Of The Day Do You Enjoy Cycling?

    I love to ride my bike in the morning. I love smelling the morning dew, I know it sounds corny but it's true. I feel so good after I ride; initially when I'm done I'm tired but then I have a burst of energy for the better part of the day after, no coffee needed. I often see others riding their...
  16. Eileen100

    Five benefits of cycling for women

    I think all five points are good. For the first point I feel that even though you can get a little sweaty and dirty as a lady you still want to make yourself up even if you’re a strong woman. I do agree with the second point also women who exercise are stronger than those who don't and women who...
  17. Eileen100

    Dry Skin On Feet After Riding

    There are several things I do to keep my feet soft. Every week I give myself a foot bath and I put Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar in the water and use a pumice stone to get all the dead skin off. Then after I have cleaned my feet and dried them I put Vaseline on them and then I put socks on...
  18. Eileen100

    womens bike colours... do women really want pink?

    I actually would love both pastel and neon color bikes. For the pastels I'd like pink, yellow, blue, green. For the neon colors I would like yellow, green, and orange. I also like that electric blue it's pretty and would be good on the bike because of the loud colors. I like loud colors or...
  19. Eileen100

    Ladies, How Safe Do You Feel Riding A Bike Late At Night?

    I do ride my bike at night but it's only for short distances. I haven't run into any trouble but your right that creepy feeling does find its way into your heart. I try my best to listen to my gut feeling about this I guess that's why I never really go too far.
  20. Eileen100

    hi, girls, how often do you go a cycling?

    I try to go cycling at least three times a week. I am always trying to stay active. I like running too, but cycling is my favorite healthy activity. Whenever I'm cycling it's my "me" time and I like that more than a couple of time a week.