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    Cut on tire

    Just not worth the risk. Walk into any bike shop and ask them to repair a sidewall cut. You'll get the same reply. Really fine tires are available for less than 30 bucks. Mid grades go on sale for 15 bucks. If you want to enjoy yourself taking speed into turns, rather than fretting over...
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    RSX STI Shifter, GOOD?

    Nothing wrong with the RSX. In fact, for smaller hands it's a better fit than some higher end Shimanos. My wife's Lemond is RSX 7 speed, my riding partner's is RSX 8 speed. Both work fine. Neither look as good as Ultegra or Dura Ace, but my Camry doesn't look as fine as a Celica either. When...
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    What is a good power output?

    You can get a good idea of how power relates to speed and hill climbing at You can get quite a good workout at 200 watts, push a mean time trial at 300 watts, and tour the Alps fast at 400 watts. So if you're regularly peaking at 1.5 kilowatts, I will not let...
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    Breaking a chain to clean it off bike

    You can use the SRAM Power Links with Shimano chains too. Or you can buy SuperLinks from places like
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    Online retailers also check