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    Admins Please remove all posts by zakunsuz

    Spammers Suck. Death to all spammers, spyware, and adware bungholes!
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    A company is interested in hiring me in Atlanta. Do I have a snowball's chance in Georgia of logging any road mileage without getting killed by a car? Is there anywhere safe to ride in Atlanta? If you ride in Atlanta, please give me some insight. Thanks
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    A-class wheels. Comments please

    For about the same money, $350us, I can either get a set of Mavic Ksyerium Equipe (1820g) or A-class Alex 320 wheels (1630g). I am familiar with Mavics because I used to have Ksyerium elites, but I have no experience with A class wheels. Does any one have any horror stories with them? Because...
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    Better Frame or Better Components

    This is basically just another, "which bike should I buy," thread is disguise, but please hear me out. I am looking to spend about $2000 on a new bike and I have come up with two possibilities: The 05 Felt F55 and the Orbea Mitis with Ultegra. Here are the links...
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    Campy Shimano, Just the facts Mam

    I thought people might want to see this. I built up a chart with just the weights and prices (U.S. dollars) of the different groups. These are from the 2004 models because I can't find prices on the new stuff yet and I got prices posted on these different websites in the US...
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    What is the best place in the U.S. for a cyclist to live?

    What is the best place in the U.S. for a cyclist to live? I am looking to move, but where should I move to? I am a roady but I wouldn’t mind buying a mountain bike and hitting some trail from time to time as well. I would like a combination of good weather and good infrastructure. I would...
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    Opinions on Bikes

    To replace my wrecked Jamis, I am considering the following options: (There may be better options elsewhere, but these are what I have available at the local bike stores.) 2004 Orbea Mitis 4 Double with full Ultegra and Ksyrium Elite or Ksyrium Equipe wheels. With this one, I would have a...
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    How do Bontrager race lite wheels compare to Mavic Ksyrium Eltis

    In my hunt for a new bike, I want to get a better feel of how different wheels perform. Does anyone have experience with both of these wheels? if so how do they compare dollar for dollar? What about Velomax circuit comp wheels.
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    Bike Accident

    There I was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon bike ride. I was traveling about 30mph going slightly downhill when this Mexican dude in his car pulls out of the driveway of an apartment complex without stopping to look for traffic to make a right turn in the direction of traffic that I was...
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    Riding in the Rain- what Eye protection?

    Its been raining so often here that I have to ride in the rain lately. I used to love running in the rain when I was running all the time, but on a road bike, the higher speeds causes an issue. The only problem I have with riding in the rain is a vision one. If I wear eyewear, it gets fogged...
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    German Fans Giving Themselves a Bad Name

    It was German fans that gave Lance the finger and spat at him. It was German fans that heckled Jens Voight (a German) on L'Alpe d'Huez after he came back to help his own teammate hold second place against Ullrich the day before. To top things off, did anyone see the idiot running with the...
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    dorky cycling tans

    I can deal with the "farmer" tan on my arms and neck. I can even deal with the tan line across my thighs. However, I now have a tan circle from my cycling gloves above the velcro where the sun hits and otherwise white hands. I think this looks dorky as heck when I'm off the bike. What does...
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    Heart Rate Differences on and off the trainer

    I've noticed a 15 bpm difference between the trainer and the road. The trainer being the lessor. I can't get my max HR above 175 on the trainer, but on the road I can get to 189. I also noticed that the same intesity that will give me 162bpm on the road is less than 150bpm on the trainer...
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    Cycleops fluid trainer squealing

    I have a new Cycleops fluid 2 trainer and I have only used it for about 2 hours so far. The problem is I am getting a very noisy squawking and squealing noise coming from it from time to time. It seems to be a certain spot on the bearing as it makes a noise once every revolution on the...
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    Heart Rate and Cadence questions

    My old cyclocomp is toast so I bought a new once with cadence. I have counted my cadence in the past but I always did so on level ground where it was always 90-100. With the cadence computer, I noticed that although the 90-100 was correct for the level ground, I drop my cadence down to 70-80...
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    Standing sprint technique help needed

    I have been doing sprint intervals starting at the bottom of hills. When I do them standing, the torque I put on the crank (especially the left leg coming back up from 6 to 12 o'clock) is causing my rear wheel to lift up and free spin. Am I leaning too far forward? What can I do to prevent...
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    Road Pedal advice.

    I'm currently riding Shimano spd m-515's (i think) and I am getting hot spots at the cleat when I attack longs hills at longer sprints and it is bugging me. I'm thinking about upgrading to road pedals and would like to spend about $100 I have been looking at Look, Speedplay X-3's, and Ritchey...