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  1. park

    Rolling resistance of tubulars vs clinchers

    I have a friend who is selling his tubular rear disk/front 404 for a clincher version of the same. He is convinced that clinchers have superior rolling resistance based on a study he found. He thinks he might see a 1-2 min difference in a 40k. Can anyone confirm this? Don't the pros use tubulars...
  2. park

    Robbie Ventura video

    Check out this awesome video clip:, click on See & Hear and then click on The Race-Bridging. Can the heart rate and power numbers be accurate? His heart rate is pegged on 190 the whole time. The watts fluctuates wildly and only briefly hits 340, most of the time he is...
  3. park

    Electrical stimulation devices

    Has anyone tried the electrical stimulation device called Compex?
  4. park

    Watts per kilogram book

    I just downloaded "Watts per Kilogram" by Richard Wharton, available at in pdf format. This book is gold and it's only $20. ! If you have a computrainer or powertap and don't really know how to do power based training or are confused by the power discussions on this forum...
  5. park

    MAP testing

    I don't have a power tap but I do have a computrainer. I'd like to do a MAP test and want to make sure I understand what to do. Starting at 100 W I increase wattage by 5 every 12 seconds and I do this until failure? I should have a friend record my progress and then average my power over...
  6. park

    Wind Tunnel Testing

    I can't find or remember the thread where the topic was optimal aerodynamic positioning, but I made reference to a place in San Diego that does wind tunnel testing. Here it is: I was wrong about the fee being $700 as it is now $850. This is...
  7. park

    Saddleco saddles

    Like most people I've tried a few saddles over the years and have settled for the one that is the least abusive, but last year I bought a Saddleco. I loved it so much I bought one for my time trial bike. There is an outer rim that supports a mesh and your butt rests on the mesh kind of like a...
  8. park

    More intervals

    I've been doing 4 min intervals times 7 with 4 minutes rest between each as part of my preparation for time trialing. Mostly because of weather and convenience I've been doing them on the computrainer. My more experienced and much faster friend tells me I would get a better workout outside. I...