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  1. dimboy2

    Driver charged with murder!

    Same thing happens in the UK talking on the phone is illegal still people do it! Just think chatting to your friends could kill someone.
  2. dimboy2

    Bicycling Insurance

    British Cycling Federation do cover when u get ur liscence u have to select gold or silver etc a bit more expensive
  3. dimboy2

    Wear your helmet!

    hmm good job! hehe
  4. dimboy2

    Cool Mobile Forums

    Just made some forums for my site please check them out Cheers please join and post and tell us wot u think :)
  5. dimboy2

    Scheduled Chat Session

    oh great :)
  6. dimboy2

    The gratuitous name dropping thread!

    Jason Queally Very nice guy friendly approachable if your lucky he asked me if i wanted to sit next to him so i did and he gave me his autograph which was nice he aslo gos on alot of kids programmes like blue peter to sponsor and talk about cycling :)
  7. dimboy2

    Pro encounters of the first kind!

    In the national track champs 2000 (i think) i sat next to jason quelly! and giot his autograph
  8. dimboy2

    The gratuitous name dropping thread!

    Even if i was not feeling good and i had the chance i wud ride with them!
  9. dimboy2

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    hiya then
  10. dimboy2

    Scheduled Chat Session

    cus its already finished lol I was on thr track cycling so i cudnt !! lol
  11. dimboy2

    Scheduled Chat Session

    doubt ill be there :(
  12. dimboy2

    Pro encounters of the first kind!

  13. dimboy2


    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet photo ;D ;) :) :D 8) :P
  14. dimboy2

    Worth it? (Litespeed)

    i dont know much about MTB but personally i'd go for litespeed theyve been around longer I think like goat said!
  15. dimboy2

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    glad ur girlfriend intoruduced u to the sport, eh?
  16. dimboy2

    Scheduled Chat Session

    whats 9pm in UK Time?
  17. dimboy2


    Can't read that languge looks like french to me though
  18. dimboy2

    Priestly Duties

    Hmm shoudlnt this be in jokes section?
  19. dimboy2

    Reubens was robbed!

    what was sp special about this race (i didnt watch it) what happened why was ruebens robbed ?
  20. dimboy2

    Acronym game

    I spose i did it wrong no worries i deletd my post steve.