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  1. hollowbackerdale

    Fat Bikes Vs Regular Mt Bikes

    Seems the new trend is for people to go with FAT bikes vs traditional regular mt bikes. I still use traditional. now for all of those who converted over . What benefits you see riding the FAT bike to traditional i noticed the fat bikes are all rigid? so do the big tires really absorb the bumps...
  2. hollowbackerdale

    Question For Those Of You That Live In The Desert

    To what extent would you do to get in your riding? I work a night shift 3pm-11pm. So my choices are ride after work, wake up really early to hit the trails, or ride in the heat of the day. I live in Tucson so the heat is no joke. What would you choose?
  3. hollowbackerdale

    Would Anyone Commute In 110f Weather?

    Driving sucks. I'd love to bicycle commute. But I'm unwilling to ride 11.5 miles one way in 110°F heat. It was 100+ all week, culminating with 110 on Friday. Ugh. Would you do it? And what's your current mental state if you say 'yes.' :-)
  4. hollowbackerdale

    Big Clydes --- What Saddle Do You Use?

    In my way of thinking - the bigger the butt, the bigger you want the saddle. I know this is counter to what some (many?) will say. Anyway -- I have this one. Bontrager Cruiser Saddle - Fitness & Recreation - Saddles - Components -Trek Store When I first start out, it is a bit uncomfortable...
  5. hollowbackerdale

    Going Clipless To Help Knees?

    Thanks to the folks in and around this forum I've decided on the following for my 5mi stupid stressful stop and go city + 10mi stressfree no stop trail commute: Shimano A530 SPD Pedals + Shimano SH-M089 Shoes. I was going to stick with my Fyxation Platforms with straps - but I'm hoping that...
  6. hollowbackerdale

    Is Safely Riding A Bike In The Street Much Safer Than Being On A Motorcycle?

    I'm wondering because a couple people I know have suffered crippling injuries on their motorcycles. One even lost a leg, and they were both following the rules. I know a couple people who have been hit while riding a bicycle, but they were on the sidewalk and weren't paying attention to blind...
  7. hollowbackerdale

    Dedicated Bike Lanes Need Or Not?

    As a serious biker, I really think our governments need to make dedicated lines for bikes. But of course, that's me with a bias since I'm a cyclist myself. But what do you all think?