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  1. Banatean

    Pitlock bike locks...

    I need your guys help,does anyone know where i can buy this locks ?,i'm interested in the one that has locks for the front wheel,rear wheel,seatpost,headset and brake model.On their site they list at 102.90 Euro ! :eek: :eek: :eek: ,i did email them but i got no answer yet as in who sells them...
  2. Banatean

    Do you guys use this gadget ?

    The Rollamajig by Avid ?,i guess that this newer ones are made of plastic but the older modeld were made of aluminum,are they any good ?,they are cheap at around $ 7 US on sale .Opinions please :D . Thank you. Dan
  3. Banatean

    My rear deraileur was switching the gears for me

    Hey guys today i went bibking with a friend and i noticed that my rear gears were switching all by themselfes... :rolleyes: ,i understand mechanics but what it the heaven is causing this to happen.The rear deraileur is a Deore LX,the bike is practically new.I checked the cables and they apear to...
  4. Banatean

    Bike radio with a build in computer by SONY

    Hey guys the other day i got this AM/FM/Computer bike by none other than Sony...,it's their S2 line of sports stuff ( i wish it came in colors other than just white... :cool: ),it's water resistant too.I like the reception ,it's very strong on both bandwaves.It also has a very high tech orange...
  5. Banatean

    Chris King

    Hey guys,it apears that Chris King threadless (1 1/8) headsets are the best in the business but they are $ expensive...:mad: ,in your opinion whose second best in quality and price ? Thank you. Dan :)
  6. Banatean

    Thomson or Easton

    I'm nuts,oh well....On my Trek i got an Easton riser bar EA50 and i love it,but then i saw their stems and i thought i gotta have one of those ....untill i saw the Thomson work of art stem,i think it's almost a sculpture :D ....looks that good and feels well made (US made too!).Which stem would...
  7. Banatean

    Pulleys with bearings....non XTR

    Do you guys have any experience with BBB ( rear deraileur pulleys bearings ?,i just installed a set on my bike and one on my wifes and the deraileur feels butter smooth,on my Trek i got LX and on wifes bike Deore,i was told that only XTR comes with pulleys that have bearings in...
  8. Banatean

    Any one from Romania ?

    Any MTB riders from my homeland of Romania :) ? Dan (i live in Canada).
  9. Banatean

    Are you guys into gadgets for your MTB ?

    Do you guys/ladies deck out your bikes :o ?,what are some of the gadgets your most proud of ? Thank you. Dan :p
  10. Banatean

    Rimms: Bontrager Corvair or Mavic X221 ?

    So which one would you go with ?,i'm not doing any dropps or fancy stuff,just "normal" riding. Thank you. Dan
  11. Banatean

    How about pedals....

    Hey guys and ladies what do you think of Wellgo B-37 pedals ?,i read some mixed reviews and i'm confused :confused: ,we don't do drops or any of that fancy stuff but i kinda like the large footprint this pedals have....any ideas ? Thank you again , Dan;)
  12. Banatean


    I think i would like to change my handlebar (actually install my Bontrager Crowbar 5' onto my GF's Specialized HardRock CrMo,she's got a generic one right now) and perhaps look at some Easton ones.Is there a difference between them (i'm not going to pay the price for a carbon fibre one) or not ...
  13. Banatean

    Deore MTB gear.....?

    Last year when we bought the bikes we didn't know much about the different levels of gear a mountain bike can have so now that we know more ...are thinking of "upgrading" out bikes that realy only have about 150 kilometres on them.Anyway my Trek 4900 came with chezzy front deraileur (Alivio...)...
  14. Banatean

    Lubrication question ???

    Hi everyone, So the other day i picked up a bottle of Finish Line Wax lubricant Krytech witg M2 stuff in it,at the MTB review site a lot ob people say that this is to dry to do what's intended to do and that can only be used for short rides...?,is it true ?,does anyone here uses this type of...
  15. Banatean

    How dificult is it to change the cables ?

    I'm hurtin and bored and since we can't ride the bikes because of a car accident (some idiot rear ended us...$ 6000 in damage !) i will atempt to change the cables (shifters/brakes) on our bikes.Are there any trade secrets that may help me on this ? Much apreciated. Dan:confused:
  16. Banatean

    Freewheel wheelset,not a freehub thou !

    I posted this already on a different area of this forum but i don't know where it went...,anyways my GF's Specialized Hardrock rims go out of whack like crazy (they are a No Name brand "a la generic") so before i even knew that there are two types of wheelsets that are Freehub or Freewheel,she...
  17. Banatean

    Need help with wheelset...thank you

    So my GF's Specialized bike rims come out of true like crazy,we ride together but her bike seems to take a real beating...the model she has is Rockhopper and the rims and hubs are generic,there is no name on anything hub or rim,just plain aluminum.Anyway i go to a bike shop and buy a new set of...
  18. Banatean

    Edmonton guys check this out....(if you need lights)

    If you guys need the red LED lights for the rear of your bike then you owe it to yourself to check out The Northern Stores,there are two in Edmonton.The lights have 6 paterns (they can blink,stay on,slow,fast,left to right and right to left,etc) for only ...$ 1.99 canadian dollars !,they also...
  19. Banatean

    Opinions and recomendations on LED's lights

    What do you guys recomend for lights that use LED's ?,are they that much brighter than regular light bulbs or halogens ?,and do they really last that long as they adevertise ? and it's Cateye (they are a tad $$$...) the brand to go with ? Thank you
  20. Banatean

    Opinions on gell filled sadles...

    Hi to all, Gell filled sadles,are they any good,will they improve the riding comfort.At the moment after 2 hours i'm gettin sore behind.Everything is adjusted right but i think the sadle it just not cushy enough.I did notice that a lot of this type of gell sadles range from about $ 25(cnd) and...