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  1. gclark8

    Marlyn Mixte, anyone familiar with this bike?

    This week I was given a "Marlyn Mixte" to restore. Anyone out there familiar with this bike? Pix later...
  2. gclark8

    Search feature, not holding my breath...

    For two weeks the search featuer has been disabled "for a few minutes", yea right! :mad: Spam, all the moderators on holidays? :confused: Give some long term or experienced members edit rights. ;)
  3. gclark8

    Using Hubs without a lockring

    Here in Aus the availability of cheap track hubs, flip/flop and lockring type, is limited to those with vast amounts of $$. About $200 a pair. :eek: One of the local (BMX) shops suggested for fixed wheel, use a freewheel spin-on hub, a track cog and a bottom bracket lockring (RH Thread)...
  4. gclark8

    Single speed hubs?

    I am looking for new, cheap, single speed hubs, 36 hole, alloy, to take LH lockring. Shimano and Surley are too dear for a project bike, any ideas? There must be something in Aus? :confused:
  5. gclark8

    New Huffy coming

    Following along in the same vein as my "Entry Level Upgrades Topic",, I propose to buy and upgrade a new model Huffy Blackwater as soon as it is released in 1-2 weeks by K-Mart. The 24" bike will suit the shorter rider. See...
  6. gclark8

    How accurate is the gauge on your pump?

    Recently I purchased a new floor pump. I then noticed many tyres seemed to be "a bit low". On checking I found a variation of 15psi over the 3 pumps. This may not be a big problem at the high (140psi+) end. However for comfort and mountain bikes with 30-50psi tyres this can result in gross...
  7. gclark8

    Painting frame, what colour? WCE or FD?

    I have been trying to sell the Gordonson for a few months, all new bits on a 30 year old steel frame, with no joy. I have been quoted a good price for sand blasting and powder coating, 2 colours no extra $, so which colours? Eagles or Dockers? :)
  8. gclark8

    Oh, $#!t

    Bicycle security, there is no substitute for a good cable and lock:
  9. gclark8

    Old Shimano Cassette, any out there?

    I am restoring a 1988 Gordonson steel frame road bike, it is fitted with a Simano Rear Freehub Body, and a 5 speed 14-28 cassette, the 14 tooth sprocket is also the lockring. I am looking for a 6 speed 12 or 13 to 24 tooth 6 speed cassette to fit this freehub body, it has no large spline, all...
  10. gclark8

    Why support LBS if the service is ****?

    Today (Sunday) I walked to two local bike shops (Morley) for a very small purchase: 2 x 3/16 ball bearings for a front hub and 2 x 1/8 ball bearings for a headset. Sometimes bikes come in short a ball or two and I did not want to go all the way to town for a few cents purchase or send the...
  11. gclark8

    Aldi Specials, from 19/10, a MTB and bike bits!! See web page for details and prices, nice wireless computer too. ;)
  12. gclark8

    "E1" Error in Nexus Inter 4D on Giant, what meaneth this?

    A friend with a Giant Comfort bike, about 4 years old, is experiencing an error on the digital display, "E1".. The bike is fitted with a Nexus Inter 4D, Auto Hub and will not change from the lowest gear. Link to similar bike...
  13. gclark8

    Cycling Classic on SBS Tonight

    The German Cycling Classic, "Girls On Top" will be shown again on SBS Tonight (Sat) at 10:30! :rolleyes:
  14. gclark8

    Upgrades to entry level MTBs and Comfort Bikes

    From time to time I am asked to do minor component/performance upgrades on entry level bikes. I will add the details of each project here as they happen. Today's example: Giant Upland Ladies XS 14" Fit Conti City Contact 26x1.5 Tyres and...
  15. gclark8

    Giant for Women, Australian web site:

    Giant for Women, Australian web site now up and running: :cool:
  16. gclark8

    Demand for wider tyres, 28x700c

    Much to my surprise, when I advertised some tyres in the Quokka (Trading Post) I was swamped with inquiries from older riders of older iron frame bikes looking for 1" - 1&1/4" 700c tyres. In less than 24 hours I sold 4 Kenda Kwest and 2 Maxxis Detonator 28x700c tyres and 4 28mm tubes...
  17. gclark8

    2007 Giants on the horizon

    Starting to appear in the shops, 2007 Giants, see LBS Blog: Edit, pix of CRX 0 Disc added... :D
  18. gclark8

    Wheel wanted, 24" 8 speed Shimano MTB Hub

    Had a look around the net, (Aus) trying to locate a Wheel , 24" 8 speed Shimano MTB Hub. Any one seen anything in your travels, real or cyber? About the only option I can find is to have a new one built by Velocity, nice wheel, but a bit of an overkill for a $300 MTB.
  19. gclark8

    STI Levers on Time Trial Bars? ?

    I have a lady friend with short legs and small hands. She is having difficulty reaching the levers on her drop bar road bike. She has cyclocross levers for the brakes up on the flats but still with the reach adjusted to minimum, gear changing is a stretch and reaching the STI lever for braking...
  20. gclark8

    Using 7 speed shifters with 8 speed cassette?

    Using 7 speed shifters with 8 speed cassette, anyone doing this? I have lady friend with a Giant Upland. It is fitted with 7 speed EF29 shifters and a 7 speed HG30 14-28 cassette. The bike is fitted with a TX71 crankset (28/38/48) however it is too slow. I have a spare 8 speed cassette...