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  1. Traffic Jammer

    Who says you can't race in the winter? Montreal Ice Cup

    Who says you can't race in the winter? Come one come all... Feb 4, 2006
  2. Traffic Jammer

    Race for a Cure

    Hi there: Does anyone have any information on what would be involved in starting a race for charity? I'm thinkin about a 24 hour race but it would involve several jurisdictions and highways. I'd love to create a race from Toronto to Montreal initially. Any information would be great...
  3. Traffic Jammer

    The greatest hardshell

    I got my hands on one of these badboys, you gotta check it out. AWESOME!!! It's been down to -15 -20 with the windchill the last little bit and I've had to remove layers under this shell. That's not all folks, THE THING LIGHTS UP :eek: :p with two strips of super thin strobe lights that can be...
  4. Traffic Jammer

    Any current or retired messengers out there?

    Just wondering if there's any messengers out there on the fourm, past or present.
  5. Traffic Jammer

    Flow from Saddleco

    Has anyone ridden one of these? What did you think?
  6. Traffic Jammer

    Disks on the road

    Has anyone built up a set of disk'd road wheels? What kind of set up did you use and how well did it ride and stop? I was wondering if this was a fesible setup for traffic riding.... lotsa hard stopping. I've never used disks before and was curious.