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  1. dimboy2

    Cool Mobile Forums

    Just made some forums for my site please check them out Cheers please join and post and tell us wot u think :)
  2. dimboy2


    I really do hate spammers I didnt really care before now but someone has spammed and I have been the victim! My webhosting has many servers one of them is someone made an email which linked the image to that address so the images showed up in the email without him attaching it...
  3. dimboy2

    MSN Messneger

    Anyone got msn messenger if so i'd be happy to spk to you. my username is [email protected]
  4. dimboy2

    What bikes you all got then?

    What bikes do you own?
  5. dimboy2

    Look at this

    its the new version if windows "windows rg" its a cool little flash check it out and it isnt a real version so it wont mess up your computer, lol!