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  1. cydewaze

    I'm hoping we didn't just lose a member

    I'm hoping boudreaux isn't the same person as sydney on, but I have a feeling he is. :(
  2. cydewaze

    Slowly coming together

    I'm finally getting the Jamis frame built up. It's going slowly because I'm looking for deals. I'm figuring $600-700 total cost by the time I'm done. Here are a few pics:
  3. cydewaze

    Anyone else get this treatment at their LBS?

    This isn't just a bike shop thing though. I've had it happen at other places. When I first moved to the area I live in, I found a really excellent LBS in town. It was a small shop, but a few years ago, they expanded and got twice the floorspace. While I haven't bought a bike from them for...
  4. cydewaze

    A few upgrades and it feels like a new bike!

    Well, more than a few. My Trek 9700 was feeling a bit long in the tooth this season, which is understandable since, with the exception of the tires, handlebars, and wheelset, it has all it's original equipment (including chain, cassette, and cables). This weekend it got its first ride with my...
  5. cydewaze

    A cross-country section!

    Woohoo! :cool:
  6. cydewaze

    When will the madness end??

    While browsing through the latest PricePoint catalog, I found myself wondering, "where will it end" when it comes to rear cogs. I remember when 6 was "new", and when 7 was "a lot". When 8 came along, people started wondering, and when there were 9, some of my friends were heard saying, "Oh...
  7. cydewaze

    MY mountain bike was in worse shape than I thought

    My primary mountain bike is a Trek 9700 I've had since early '99. It's basically Trek's carbon MTN frame with a bunch of junk parts hung off it. I think this was Trek's way to make an "affordable" version of their carbon framed mtn bike. Anyway, I picked it up (new) for something like $900...
  8. cydewaze

    Decided to rebuild my old bike

    Prior to owning my current mountain bike, I had a GREAT bike called an AlpineStars AlMega. The bike climbed like no other despite being something like 27 lbs. Unfortunately, the front derailleur hanger broke off of it, and I retired the bike. Some time ago, I found an old guy who was an...
  9. cydewaze

    Anyone ever ordered from

    I ordered a fork from them a week ago, and just found out today when I called that they were out of stock on the fork and have no idea when they'll be getting more. I kinda wish they'd have indicated this on the website during the order process, and not a week later when I called.
  10. cydewaze

    So much for Performance's guarantee

    My Performance Travel Trac trainer went south over the weekend, so I returned it to get it replaced under Performance's 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's not that old, and hasn't been used much (under 100 hours) so I figured I was due a replacement since it should last quite a bit longer than...
  11. cydewaze

    Spinergy wheels - Should I bother with this?

    I have a pair of the old Spinergy Rev-X wheels, which I've obviously had for quite some time, as they've been out of production for something like 5-6 years. I don't ride them much because I live in a windy area, but I do ride them occasionally. I also inspect them occasionally, and I've...
  12. cydewaze

    Need advice/suggestions

    Ok, I recently built up a "beater" bike using a bunch of my old leftover components. I ended up with some Profile "Bullhorn" style TT bars, and onto them I mounted my old Shimano STI brake/shift levers. Well, the shifting is fine, but the braking is awful, due mostly to the way I had to wrap...
  13. cydewaze

    2005 Tour route planning underway?

    Check this out: and Cool.
  14. cydewaze

    Armstrong movie?

    Lookie here. Excerpt: Interesting...
  15. cydewaze

    How humbling

    I was reading the Tour De France stage results for stage 15 today, and I noticed that Lance's average speed for the stage was just over 25mph. And that's for a 112 mile ride in the Alps. Last week I was quite pleased with myself for finishing my 68 mile ride with an average speed of 17.5mph...
  16. cydewaze

    The forum looks different

    *headscratch* Or is it just me?
  17. cydewaze

    I know I'm riding too much, because...

    This morning when I was getting ready for work, I grabbed 2 packets of Gu and a spare tube, before realizing I had no pockets behind me to stick them in. When I start putting on my Sidis to drive to work, I'll seek medical help. ;)