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  1. Djordje87

    Strength-explosive power

    Hey everyone. I have very good stamina. Whether it is running of cycling and my strength is fair but I would really like to increase my explosive power and I would like to do it with my bicycle. I guess I would like my legs to be bigger and stronger as well. Is there any specific type of...
  2. Djordje87

    Cleaning and making the bike look good

    I had a situation where my bicycle was taken from me and after six months I somehow managed to find it. It was demolished at least. The paint is almost gone on some places. I had to go to a handy man for bikes to have it fixed. Some big things were off. I had to change a whole wheel. My question...
  3. Djordje87

    Derailleur pulley problem.

    Hey everybody I have a small problem and I am not sure how I can solve it. My father took my bike after I found it (it was stolen) to a guy who fix bikes but he didn't see this as a problem obviously and now I cannot spend more money on this so would like some advice from you here. My...