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  1. Steve07

    Orbea Opal bike size.

    Im thinking of buying a new bike, the Orbea Opal. Does anyone know much about this particular bike and about its sizing. Im just under 5ft im thinking a 54cm frame should be ok. Unfortunately I cant get a chance to try it before I but as its an online store. Any info would be great.
  2. Steve07

    Heartrate training

    Sorry just used a simple method for determining HR max= (220 - age) Dont know how accurate this is but its the easiest to determine.
  3. Steve07

    Stitch..!! Help!!

    Recently when I've been out on a hard ride ive been getting a slight stitch in my left calf. When this happens I have to ease a little, and stretch it out on the bike on the bike or I feel that im going to pull the muscle. Anything maybe that i might be missing in my diet?? or should I spend...
  4. Steve07

    Heartrate training

    On my average 120-150km weekend spin, i've noticed that I spend basically all of it working at approx 85% my max heartrate. (Apart from the warm-up and cool-down of course). Is this beneficial or should I be aiming to train at a lower effort. I find I have no problem spending four hours or so at...
  5. Steve07

    Pros, cat A riders???

    For any top riders out there, whats your average training week?? cheers
  6. Steve07

    Top pros weekly milleage??

    Does anyone know what milleage a top pro would do weekly? when they or not racing.
  7. Steve07

    New wheels or new frame???

    Im riding a trek 1500 07 model bike. Alu frame, ultegra groupset, bontrager lite wheels. Its a grand bike but im looking to upgrade a bit as I ride a lot at a competitve level. Any advice on whether I should upgrade my frame to a 2006 Madone 5.9, or should I go for a pair of zipp wheels. ( 404...
  8. Steve07

    Starting to race

    My name is Steve, im 18, 5ft 9, 62 kg. Ive been cycling 3-4 years now, currently racking up about 350km a week. I usually ride on my own but have been out with a local club recently for a few rides. My training week usually consists of 4 rides, one long ride (100-150km), two middle distance...
  9. Steve07

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Im from Waterford in Ireland. Been cycling about 4years now and starting to ride at a fairly competitive level now. Usually rack up 350km a week approx.