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  1. asindc

    Anyone here ride/buy a VO3?

    No, I haven't considered Cannondale at all. Must be a lingering feeling about them since the last time I bought a bike, six years ago. Back then, I didn't like their component selections for the price. I'll take a look.
  2. asindc

    Anyone here ride/buy a VO3?

    Bump. I revised my previous post. See below. I'm guessing no one here is familiar with V03, but surely the other brands must be familiar with the others.
  3. asindc

    Anyone here ride/buy a VO3?

    I'm researching full carbon or carbon/steel bikes for long-distance events and climbs. So far, these bikes have caught my eye: Bianchi Virata; Specialized Roubaix Comp Triple; Felt f4c; Calfee Luna; and VO3 Aurora. I'm looking for a 59-60 size with triple chainring. I'd like at least an...
  4. asindc

    Higher end Specialized vs. Bianchi

    As fate would have it, I have also looked at these two bikes recently. Any thoughts from those familiar with both?