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  1. J.G

    Isle of Wight Randonnee

    ..meant to add... 100km or 55km rides this year. Free to enter!
  2. J.G

    Isle of Wight Randonnee

    Hi, Just posted the latest details of this year's event on our website.. Taking place on Bank Holiday Sunday 30th April 2006 Cheers John
  3. J.G

    Cyclist's breakfast

    what about rice pudding for breakfast - plenty of quick release carbs...??
  4. J.G

    How much does your bike weigh?

    Claud Butler road Hybrid...12kg (26lb) .........time for a new one!
  5. J.G

    A hybrid... or not

    I've been having the same debate for the last couple of months & always come back to the hybrid - perhaps I haven't found the right "true" road bike yet!! jg
  6. J.G

    Cyclist's breakfast

    Hi....been cycling just short of a year (from zero), rides now hitting between 50-60miles (130+ miles a week) - during the ride, I snack on homemade power bars, but short of a bowl of cereals & toast, have not changed breakfast! What do you guys reckon is the ultimate cyclist's...