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  1. Walrus

    Giro English audio on the net?

    Anyone know how I can tune into english live audio for the Giro? I have RAI access via Foxtel in Australia, but I'd like to have some english commentary so I can better understand what's going on.
  2. Walrus

    Best aero wheel for $AUD1200

    What's the best aero wheel for $1200 Australian Dollars. My definition of "best" in this instance is a wheel that is very aerodynamic as well as being strong (it's not for racing, so will be used a fair bit on long rides). Rider weight: 75kg Application: Long flat rides, not racing I'm...
  3. Walrus

    How to make a great bike look ugly.

    I realise that looks don't effect performance, so no flaming... I love Cannondales, love the look, love the approach they take, but Liquigas do a very good job of making theirs look horrible. Imagine how much better this would look with black/carbon cranks & Fulcrums with Liquigas colouring?
  4. Walrus

    Unibet speak up

    Unibet have released an 1800+ word open letter, appealing for a resolution to the battle of UCI vs "The Cartel". They make a suggestion to reduce the size of teams, to make way for more teams participating in races. That way...
  5. Walrus

    Bought a new commuter road bike

    I got a new commuter, Fuji Roubaix 2006. Runnout sale at GoldCross Cycles so it was 30% off. Nice solid ride, good looking frame and paint job. With the 30% discount, I get a much better spec than similarly priced new bikes. I'll be switching some of my 105 components to it gradually. Expect a...
  6. Walrus

    Tour of California

    What a field for the Tour of California, supposedly the strongest field to have raced in the USA. A scroll through the startlist reads more like a Grand Tour than a stage race in it's second year. Points of interest: - Trinity Grade...
  7. Walrus

    Melbourne, LBS' around Mont Albert

    Question for eastern suburb Melbournites. I'm moving to Mont Albert in April/May and will be looking for a new LBS to look after me. Having a quick search, the following stores seem to be the closest. If anyone has a recomendation or some experience with these guys...I'd appreciate it. Top...
  8. Walrus

    Can't afford a power meter - how do I train better?

    I'm a recent convert to the benefits of L4 intervals on performance, and I've done my best to simulate these without the benefit of a power meter - basically riding on feel. I've had some success recently, where I've been training less hours, but getting faster and stronger :) . I put this down...
  9. Walrus

    Landis' stage 17 explained by Dr. Allen Lim

    I'd be interested on the thoughts of you guys on this perspective from Dr Allen Lim. Floyd Landis, Cyclist Stage 17 Water, Plain and Simple by Dr. Allen Lim Regarding Floyd's Stage 17 performance. The day is often referred to as an 'inhuman' ride and the 'miracle' of that performance has...
  10. Walrus

    1 step closer to Aussie ProTour team Every time this idea has come up, we kept asking the same question...where would the money come from. Now it seems there is financial interest...and we know that we have the talent to field a squad. Businessman Tony Smith has...
  11. Walrus

    Happy Birthday Peter Van Petegem

    :D Born January 18 1970.
  12. Walrus

    Improving climbing, without actually climbing?

    In June I will be travelling to France to ride a tour in the Alps. It's basically La Marmotte over 2 days (~200km including >4000m ascent). I'm a reasonable climber, but these climbs (particularly Galibier and Alpe d'Huez) will really challenge me :D . For geographical reasons, I won't be able...
  13. Walrus

    Can Dodger lead T-Mobile?

    Michael Rogers stated when he joined T-Mobile that he wanted to be the last man riding at Ullrich's side in the key mountain stages of the Tour. He started to focus on his climbing, and we know he's an accomplished time trialist. Presuming T-Mobile remaing "captainless", can Michael Rogers be...
  14. Walrus

    Double Standard at Australian Open Road Champs

    Last year Will Walker was denied the Open Australian title, despite winning the combined Open/U23 race. The Open title went to 3rd place getter Russell Van Hout. This year they have split the races up to avoid the controversy again. Yesterday the Women's combined Open/u23 TT was run, and was...
  15. Walrus

    Million Dollar "Race of Champions"

    Reported on Daily Peloton - "A million dollar prize awaits the winner of the new season-ending Race of Champions to be held in Abu Dhabi in November" - Eurosport. Basically, it's a race between the winners of the 3 Grand Tours. Each...
  16. Walrus

    Is the Alpine Classic the toughest single day road race/event in Australia?

    Just curious, as I don't know of many other organised rides, and those that I know of don't have the profile of the AAC. With 4 climbs over 200km and ~3500m it the toughest day ride for road cyclists in Australia?
  17. Walrus

    UCI takes Grand Tours to the European Commission

    The saga reported in Velonews. "The UCI has filed a complaint with the European Commission alleging that organizers of cycling's three biggest races have conspired to sabotage the ProTour series. " "The UCI claims that the three jewels in the cycling calendar have set up a...
  18. Walrus

    ProTour riders use stock equipment I know this is not new...but I'd like to underline the fact that Boonen is riding a stock 58cm Specialized. This is a great thing about most cases you can ride the exact same bike as your ProTour hero...
  19. Walrus

    More OP details, Basso & Ullrich accused of paying €70,000 each

    Reported in cyclingnews Alleges that Fuentes expected €160,000 in earnings from various riders (refered to by alleged alias'). excerpt: "These details reveal almost a parallel universe in cycling: one the one hand, 2006 Giro...
  20. Walrus

    Response from Audax re Alpine Classic

    I thought I'd send a note to Audax and ask them what their gameplan is for the AAC in January, considering the fires are threatening much of the area. They basically said that they would have updates on the site in January, and that given it was 6 weeks away, speculating on the weather was a...