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  1. bikingmat81

    compatability issue, or just me?

    I just bought a new XT RD-M770-SGS and FD-770. when I went to hook up to my rear deraileur to my LX SL-M570-S shifters, they don't work right. Well, they work backwards to be exact. is it me or a compatability issue that I didn't realize? Thanks
  2. bikingmat81

    Tool Kit Additions - what would you add?

    So I just bought a Park Tool AK-37 tool kit ( for my home shop, and was wondering what additions I should make. The kit was a great starting point for the money, but was wondering what tool(s) everyone would add. The BBT-19 bottom...
  3. bikingmat81

    Upgrading again (f+r derailleurs this time)

    So, since this worked well when I was needing help with bottom bracket and crankset upgrading questions, I thought I would try it again. I'm currently up-grading my 02 Specialized Rockhopper to be my main bike for this summer (sold my full-suspension)...
  4. bikingmat81

    understanding and replacing Cranksets & Bottom Brackets

    So, I'm thinking about up-grading my crankset, and while I know what I want, I'm not sure if I can. I currently ride a 02 Specialized Rockhopper with the following componets: CRANKSET : Specialized Forearm II Comp, with black arms CHAINRINGS : 44Ax32Sx22S, w/black 7075 alloy outer ring...
  5. bikingmat81

    Wireless Bike Computer

    I'm needing suggestions on a wireless computer (time to replace my old one). I do not really want/have need for a heart-rate monitor, but would buy one if it is a better product then just an ordinary computer(speedometer). I have been considering the Cateye Micro Wireless, but don't know what...
  6. bikingmat81


    ok, so stupid me made a mistake (and doesn't know his bike very well, which you will release very soon). Have a 2002 Specialized Rockhopper Comp (hardtail, love the bike). anyhoo, i didn't realize that I have...
  7. bikingmat81

    replacing rim

    i'm in need of some advice on what to replace my Mavic X139 rear rim with. I've had these rims for 3 years, and while the front rim is holding up well, the back one gave me grief all last season. what is everyone suggestion for a replacement? do I stick with the same, or look at a different...
  8. bikingmat81

    Need some help - brake/shifter combo replacement

    Hey all, I'm hoping someone can help me out with an upgrading question. I ride a 2002 Specialized Rockhopper comp. (hardtale, cause there is nothing better!). I'm hoping to upgrade my brakes from my current Shimano linear pull brakes to AVID Single Digit Ti V brakes, but I'm at a cross-roads...
  9. bikingmat81

    Music to ride to!

    Hey all, I'm wondering what everyone listens to before (and/or during if you are brave enough) riding to get motivated to ride. Songs or entire albums, which ever. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Oasis ('Be Here Now' album especially), and a bit of AC/DC ('(For those about to...