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  1. slowfoot

    What did i do wrong and why?

    I am looking to understand more about food and training. i figured i'd try to train my system to work on non-glycogen energy sources. no breakfast no caffeine and went for a 32 mile L4 ride. During the ride i was a little drained but not to terribly sucked out. When i finished i had...
  2. slowfoot

    Power meter legibility

    I cannot read my Garmin 500 frequently. with shadows or dim light the contrast is not enough and the backlight doesn't help. Does anyone have better experiences with the joules or other head units? Dave
  3. slowfoot

    tubulars and puncture sealants

    i'm thinking of moving to tubular road tires. my area in upstate NY has lots of chipsealed roads and gravelly **** on them. can everyone chime in on the use of liquid sealants (eg. stan's) for flat protection to get me back home after a puncture. does it work? is it easy? does it...
  4. slowfoot


    to see the road in the dark you need a bigger budget i have the 600 my handlebars and a mininewt 100 for my helmet. pretty good but my night vision isn't the best. i would prefer 2 of the 600's for better depth preception. the 100 is not adequate by itself . i doubt you'll be...
  5. slowfoot

    pedaling technique when standing

    this may be a "wtf" question but i'll try anyways. when standing when climbing should i try to pedal in circles (pushing and pulling up) which requires much greater core strength but generates much more power , or just rock and jab on the pedal which isn't as smooth but i can sustain for a...
  6. slowfoot

    Bearing maintenance

    I got an inexpensive set of wheels for general use at a great price. However they do not have sealed bearings in the hubs. They were " grinding " a little so I got a wrench, repacked the bearings, and got them spinning as smoothly as I could without much play. The rubber "dust caps " seem pretty...
  7. slowfoot

    Race to the start line?

    I have a question about race protocol. There is a race I plan on doing again this year. last year the start was about 3 miles from the registration building with a long fairly steep climb. There was a "warm up " ride to the line for a rolling start. I was gassed by the time the mass got to the...
  8. slowfoot

    ? tubeless

    are tubeless really worth the effort? or just a fad? i ride road and CX , race occcasionally, clinchers only so far, rarely have flats (i use more durable tires) our roads are lumpy, hilly, and frequently chipsealed. i would love a durable smooth ride but not at the expense of...
  9. slowfoot

    dt swiss hub look alike

    i have a PT rear hub built into a dt swiss wheel. now i need a front wheel that matches it. i don't wish to build a wheel and don't care if it's not an exact match. also wish to keep the price down ebay has several for $$ they'd be for training only any ideas? dave
  10. slowfoot

    measuring metrics

    i just got my powertap setup and want to know how people measure their metrics. do you get them from a ride and the download after it, or, for example, do you specifically do a 5 sec interval , then separate intervals for each time segment after? thanks dave t
  11. slowfoot

    Outside magazine "beware the black hole"

    Outside magazine has an interesting article on training in the "middle zone" of heart rates "aim to stay away from 75-80% of max heart rate", they call it the "Black Hole" where you'll be just as fatigued but not get the benefits. it says either go hard (80+%) or go really easy (sub 70%)...
  12. slowfoot

    usb download cradle for powertap

    usb download cradle for powertap wanted thanks dave taylor [email protected]
  13. slowfoot

    pre race taper

    4 days from now i am in a 36 mile citizen's race the "owasco flyer" i am a slow cat 5 and 54 years old i beat on myself last week with a long race/rides and short L5 stuff, 5 of 7 days. total about 150 miles ( a lot for me) this week has been: monday i did L 1-2 for 90 min tues off for work...
  14. slowfoot


    powertaps frequently are mounted on DT swiss or mavic open rims. i am considering buying a used unit. should i be concerned with either of these rims and their durability? thanks dave
  15. slowfoot

    width of bars

    i ride a stock specialized roubaix. sometimes i feel the bars are too wide and make me significantly less aero. my hands are wider than my shoulder width by 2-3 inches. i cannot find info on the "ideal" bar width besides "what's comfortable". i don't think narrower bars would be...
  16. slowfoot

    First race advice needed

    i'm 52, this is my second season of riding hard. i am entering my first race tomorrow, a 36 mile, flat for 20 miles than an 800-1000 vertical hill in the last 10 miles with some rollers to the finish. i have no TT experience either. It's called the Owasco flyer in Auburn , NY. dont' got a...
  17. slowfoot

    burnt matches

    why do you only have so many bursts (matches) in the tank. firstly, i am into my second year of internse riding. i am finding (as the veterans predicted) that i can ride my legs to their limit only several times before i am spent and cannot recover even with several minutes of resting in the...
  18. slowfoot

    which computrainer

    i'm looking to buy a used computrainer can you guys fill me in on the pros or cons of the models? i frequently see 8001's for sale much cheaper than the pro 3d models. does it matter much? it will get a lot of use due to long off seasons and much bad weather here. thanks dave
  19. slowfoot

    powerhub or computrainer?

    i live in rochester, ny and am am thinking of a power meter. would i be better off to buy an indoor meter like computrainer that i can use regardless of the weather? or should i get a powertap type for my bike when i can get outdoor? i am leaning to the computrainer because of the...